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El Gato debuts new FireWire-based DVD solutions

updated 12:25 pm EST, Fri November 28, 2003

EyeTV 300/400 DVR

Elgato Systems today announced the , making it possible for the first time to watch, record, edit and archive perfect digital satellite and terrestrial television on any FireWire Mac. EyeTV 300 for digital satellite television (DVB-S) and EyeTV 400 for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) will be available in selected stores in early December for €350 (in countries where the DVB standard is being supported. EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 play and record digital television in its native MPEG-2 format.

The two products are the first computer peripheral digital video recorders to utilize FireWire, the gold standard for high-speed data transfer, making it possible to transfer high-quality digital television to the Mac.
EyeTV 400 offers an innovative portable television solution, receiving digital terrestrial television via a small portable antenna, which is powered by FireWire bus power.

"Elgato's two new digital EyeTV products bring the benefits of digital video recording on the Mac to DVB users whether they receive TV via digital satellite in their home or are forging new ground with the up-and-coming DVB-T standard," said Freddie Geier, Elgato Systems' CEO. "DVB-T delivers on the futuristic promise of 'everywhere television', so that with EyeTV 400 you can watch live, pin-sharp digital television on your PowerBook while sitting in your office, your home or even in a café."

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is the next generation broadcast standard already being implemented throughout Europe and internationally. EyeTV 300 includes a digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S) tuner that receives digital television via a digital satellite dish. EyeTV 400 includes a digital video broadcasting terrestrial (DVB-T) tuner that receives digital television on the Mac via a portable antenna. Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T) is being pioneered by the United Kingdom (and is also available in parts of Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Australia). Elgato says that DVB-T transmissions and reception will replace analog technologies within the coming years.

Both devices requires a minimum PowerPC G4 500Mhz or G5 processor and FireWire port as well as Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher and 256MB of RAM. The devices also require approximately 2GB of hard disk space per hour of recorded TV. EyeTV 300 also requires a satellite dish with digital or universal LNB (not included). EyeTV 400 also requires a digital terrestrial (DVB-T) antenna (included).

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