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Tech: plastic memory; wi-fi security; MS security

11/28, 8:30pm

Tech: plastic memory

Tech news: A common plastic used to keep monitor screens clear of fluff could soon be used as an inexpensive high-density computer memory; wireless security for home networks is in the spotlight following an unusual arrest in Canada; Microsoft is investigating a report of seven new security holes in its Internet Explorer browser discovered by a Chinese researcher/

VideoWeb 1.0 shares Webcams, DV cameras on Web

11/28, 12:35pm

VideoWeb 1.0 released

adnX software today announced a new video utility for Mac OS X, VideoWeb 1.0: it allows users to share their webcam ont he internet and enables you to add live pictures from Webcams or DV cameras connected to your Mac. It supports DV cameras as well as FireWire/USB webcams and allows users to edi tthe web page page that contians the webcam. The software provides a live image via the Web to any networked computer; the image can size and quality can be adjusted. It is $20; a limited 1-hour trial is available.

El Gato debuts new FireWire-based DVD solutions

11/28, 12:25pm

EyeTV 300/400 DVR

Elgato Systems today announced the EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 digital video recorders, making it possible for the first time to watch, record, edit and archive perfect digital satellite and terrestrial television on any FireWire Mac. EyeTV 300 for digital satellite television (DVB-S) and EyeTV 400 for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) will be available in selected stores in early December for 350 (in countries where the DVB standard is being supported. EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 play and record digital television in its native MPEG-2 format.

Readers note recent Apple product sightings

11/28, 1:20am

Apple product sightings

Several MacNN readers note recent Apple product sightings and use of Apple products and technologies, including the iPod on Air Force One during the President's secret trip to Iraq; Cortex Production's use of a PowerBook G4, PowerMac G4s, Xserve, Mac OS X, QuickTime, Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2 and e-commerce solution eShox for its "Underwater Filmmakers II" documentary; and by Harry Connick, Jr.: "As I type this note, Harry Connick, Jr. is performing in his holiday special for NBC. Back in with his orchestra is an old PowerMac G4 (a pre- Quick Silver model). Also of note, each band member has an all white Apple keyboard and mouse in front of them."


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