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Apps: Magnolia, Drat, Macabinet, Simple Search, ...

11/19, 11:05pm

Magnolia, Drat, Macabinet

    Magnolia 1.0 is a free Java-based open-source content-management-system (CMS). It adheres to the upcoming standard of Java content repositories. It has an easy to use Web browser interface, a clear API and a useful custom tag library for easy templating in JSP and Servlets. [Download - see options]
    SBook5.16 is an "extremely fast, AI-based personal information manager. Information is organized in free-format entries... Each entry can have any number of postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photographs, URLs, and other information." The freeware now requires Panther, offers support for Address Book syncing, can display multiple columns, and more. [2MB]
    Drat 1.0 is a $10 tool for keeping track of the time spent, related expenses, to-do items, and projects. Each project has a myriad of fields to help keep them organized and help keep you productive. [Download - 1.3MB]
    Radical Breeze has released Macabinet 1.4.4, a free update to its $10 file organization utility for Mac OS X. Version 1.4.4 adds a "Get Info" contextual menu, removes the unnecessary File menu, and introduces a few minor bug fixes. [Download - 1.3MB]
    Simple Search is a freeware Internet search toolbar with a customizable XML-based plug-in architecture. Includes plugins for popular sites such as Google,, and others. It can also be used as a program launcher, or to jump directly to any URL. [Download - 236KB, extra plug-ins]
    AP Grapher 0.5.1 is a freeware program to graph the signal strength of a wireless basestation such as Apple's Airport Basestation. This version has been re-written from the ground up in Cocoa, Apple's frameworks for Mac OS X. [Download - Aqua GUI, Metal GUI]
    Tonbrand Software has released updates to three of its applications: Web Site Maestro X 2.8.2 ($30), HTML-Optimizer Pro X 2.9.4 ($20), and HTML-Optimizer 7.9 ($12). Web Site Maestro is a professional tool for managing large Web sites; HTML-Optimizer Pro is a useful tool Web site managers to make sure sites load as fast as possible. [Download - HTML-O Pro, HTML-O , WSM]
    CyTV is a free streaming solution for the Elgato's EyeTV USB tuner. It works over any network connection that is fast enough - including Airport (802.11b) and AirPort Extreme (802.11g). Version 0.3 allows users to switch between live streams and recordings, skip freely around a the stream, and more. [Download - 348KB]
    Transverter Pro 4.0 ($500) is a powerful PDF, EPS and PostScript file conversion utility, "used by thousands of professionals in service bureaus, prepress houses and related graphics and publishing fields." Version 4 adds new PDF file handling, automated hot folders, Mac OS X compatibility, and 10,000 dpi output. [Download - 12.2MB]

Tech: MS settles Dakota lawsuits, SCO vs. GPL, HP

11/19, 9:35pm

MS lawsuits, SCO vs. GPL

Evening tech news: Microsoft has agreed to pay as much as $18.33 million to settle class action lawsuits in North Dakota and South Dakota that alleged the vendor overcharged for its software; SCO says that the GPL license, which threatens the $229 billion software market, was on a collision course with proprietary software, which it said would ultimately result in the end of the GPL license; HP on Wednesday reported 10 percent year-over-year revenue growth to nearly $20 billion in its fourth fiscal quarter, driven by higher revenue in all its major product groups.

AJA Video unveils application-specific breakout boxes

11/19, 7:45pm

Io LD, IO LA breakout boxes

AJA Video Systems today announced Io LD and Io LA, new video breakout boxes that support high-quality 10-bit uncompressed video on both digital and analog inputs/outputs. These smaller and lower cost relatives of Io are application-specific: Io LD is designed to work with SDI digital systems, and Io LA is for analog component or composite systems. Both work with Final Cut Pro 4, connect to Macs via a 400Mbps FireWire cable, and have multi-channel 24-bit audio, RS-422 machine control, and Genlock. The new units can be used in either a desktop configuration or be mounted in an optional 1 RU mounting bracket They begin shipping in January 2004 for $1,200.

Crutchfield begins carrying iPod

11/19, 7:35pm

Crutchfield carries iPod

Crutchfield recently started selling Apple's iPod digital music players on its online Web site. All three iPod models are available, as are a number of accessories, including adapters, cables and cases. Crutchfield is also bundling a free pair of Sennheiser earbud headphones, in addition to the standard Apple-branded headphones included with each iPod.

Geekspiff updates ThemePark with Panther support

11/19, 6:25pm

ThemePark gets 10.3 support

Geekspiff released ThemePark 1.2, and update to its theme editing and creation tool for Mac OS X, written by the same author as Unsanity's ShapeShifter. Version 1.2 introduces full Panther compatibility, guiKit file export for use with Unsanity's ShapeShifter, support for guiKit packages containing multiple theme variants, support for's MenuEnhancer, a converter that auto-generates a Panther theme from a Jaguar one, and countless bug fixes, as well as other new features. ThemePark is $20 for new users; this update is free.

Naxos: Apple overcharging for iTunes albums

11/19, 6:05pm

Apple overcharging on ITMS

Apple's iTunes Music Store is currently overcharging customers for albums from Naxos, a leading classical music label, the company said today. According to Naxos, the correct pricing for their albums in the ITMS should be $6, not the standard $10 per album fee currently being charged. Naxos says "We are taking this issue very seriously and are making it a priority, contacting Apple about it almost everyday. Indeed, our president has contacted someone in Steve Jobs' office several times in an attempt to remedy the situation." Typically, a Naxos CD sells for between one third and one quarter of the price of a full-price classical album.

Xnet updates Captain FTP 3.1 for Panther

11/19, 5:35pm

Captain FTP 3.1

Xnet Communications has released Captian FTP 3.1, an update to its $25 ftp software application for Mac OS X. It adds Panther compatibility, a new transfer manager, fast remote directory change, "Last visited" folders, improved contextual menus, show/hide of the directory path, new themes, Local favorites management, and support for use as an ftp helper. Other functions include support for resumeable downloads, Rendezvous support, server to server transfers, folder synchronization, permissions management, etc. [4.1MB]

Apple releases Security Update 2003-11-19

11/19, 5:15pm

Security Update 2003-11-19

Apple today released Security Update 2003-11-19 for both Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, which includes the following updated components in Panther: OpenSSL and zlib "gzprintf()" function, while the Jaguar update contains updated versions of gm4; groff; Mail w/CRAM-MD5 authentication; OpenSSL; Personal File Sharing; QuickTime for Java; and zlib "gzprintf()" functions. [Jaguar, Panther]

Some Jaguar users also report a new QuickTime for Java update: "Version 2 of the QuickTime for Java update includes support for using QuickTime 6.4 with either Java 1.4.1 or Java 1.3.1. This update is recommended for everyone using QuickTime 6.4 in order to maintain application compatibility. It is also recommended for those who installed the previous QuickTime for Java Update as it retains Java compatibility when upgrading to later versions of Mac OS X."

Tech: Gates likens Linux to \'70s UNIX; OLEDs ...

11/19, 5:10pm

Gates on Linux

Evening tech news: Microsoft's founder and chairman Bill Gates compares Linux to Unix in the 1970s and urges people to "be careful" with "utility computing;" according to proponents of OLEDs, or Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, the technology could one day revolutionize many parts of the high-tech industry by offering vibrant, low-power screens; Russ Roberts of BusinessWeek writes: "[Linux Creator] Linus Torvalds can muster more creativity from his far-flung rank and file than Bill Gates can from his corporate monolith."

HealthWare to develop Dental Management Software

11/19, 2:40pm

HealthWare Dental Software

The founder of HealthCare Communications, the original developer of DentalMac for the Macintosh, has announced the formation of HealthWare Corp (Lincoln, Nebraska). Founder Michael B. Edwards says that HealthWare will be developing dental office management software using the Mac OS X Cocoa API's, C++ and Java: "HealthWare for Dentists will take advantage of the unique capabilities of OS X, including stability, security, and graphics for digital imaging and video. The software will integrate seamlessly with digital radiography applications, such as the aMac Digital Radiography System from KTI."

Apps: Toast, Fireworks MX 2004, Dantz RDU, QT MPEG-2

11/19, 2:30pm

Toast, Fireworks, QT MPEG-2

    Roxio has posted Toast 5.2.3 Titanium, which "enables the Buffer Underrun Prevention option for combination DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW recorders when using -R/RW media. Buffer Underrun Prevention is not an option when using +R/RW media, since the recorder uses the built-in error prevention that is part of the +R/RW specification." [7.1MB]
    Macromedia has posted a Fireworks MX 2004 7.01 update which it says fixes compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS and Image Ready CS files, offers better interoperability with Macromedia Dreamweaver, improves file transfer using its file management feature, and has other fixes. [5.3MB]
    Dantz has posted a Retrospect Driver Update 4.2.105 for Retrospect 5.1, its enterprise-level backup and archiving software. The latest update adds improved DVD+R media support with Ricoh DVD+RW drives, support for more AIT tape drive firmware, and an improved writing method for Panasonic CW-7585. It also adds support for Certance, Exabyte, IBM, NEC, Panasonic (Apple OEM), Qualstar, and Sony mechanisms. [669KB]
    Apple has released an update to its QuickTime MPEG-2 Component for QuickTime 6.4 users via the Software Update. The $20 component provides QuickTime 6 users with the ability to import and play back MPEG-2 content, including both multiplexed (a.k.a. muxed) and non-multiplexed (a.k.a. elementary) streams.
    4D, Inc. today announced the release of 4D v2003.2, which it calls "a significant release" for current 4D 2003 users with improvements to ensure full compatibility with both Windows Server 2003 and Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) operating systems. It is a free update for current owners. [52MB]
    RedleX has released Mellel 1.6.9, an update to its $25 multi-lingual word processor for Mac OS X. This release offers a new option to insert date and time in several formats, important localisation updates and numerous fixes for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther). [3.8MB]
    FE77 Server Suite v2 ($60) for Mac OS X is designed to turn your existing Mac into an "open standards based web services powerhouse." It includes Apache 2 with support for WEBDAV, Jakarta Tomcat v4.0.27, and a new version of Server, its desktop manager client with a new interface and a new preferences.
    Chilton Webb has added another SuperCard external to his collection: ConvertPath "gives you the ability to pass in any url for any existing object, and you'll get the Macintosh-style path back." [6KB]
    ConceptDraw Project ($180) facilitates brainstorming sessions and organizes and manages projects. It offers Gantt charts, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) charts and ConceptDraw mindmap views as well as a Quick-Start Project assistant to quickly identify and illustrate goals, risks and obstacles from task-specific libraries. [form]
    FinLease 1.1 is an advanced lease calculator that enables you to set up and calculate complex leases. It includes many different payment options for flexibility to cover virtually every type of lease. This update adds a new Templates menu and fixes a Panther compatibility issue. The $50 utility runs on Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later. [1.1MB]

Mac news: Jobs takes another honor, MacExpo 2003

11/19, 12:35pm

SA honors Jobs, MacExpo

Mac news roundup: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is among the 2003 Scientific American 50 List of winners, taking the top spot in the Communication category for starting "an online music service that serves as a model for the rest of the record industry; Sun co-founder Bill Joy talks about innovation in the PC industry, citing his new dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X as examples; MacExpo 2003 opens at Islington's Business Design Centre in London on Thursday, November 20.

BofA analyst says Apple could \'run out of steam\'

11/19, 12:20pm

Apple running out of steam?

Banc of America Securities said Apple "runs the risk of generating significant refresh sales to its installed base for the next couple of quarters, and then running out of steam once sales to the installed base are satisfied," according to Forbes. Although it said that it didn't "think there is any more creative company in the world than Apple" and also added that Apple's fundamentals are "positive", Banc of America initiated coverage of Apple at "neutral," saying "it was concerned that G5 refresh sales will slow, iTunes won't contribute to the bottom line and iPod is not 'the only game in town anymore.' Banc of America said Apple is fairly valued at $21."

Aspyr ships Star Trek Elite Force II for Mac OS X

11/19, 12:15pm

Star Trek Elite Force II

Aspyr today announced that it is now shipping Star Trek Elite Force II for the Mac. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed first person shooter game, players "resume the role of Alexander Munro, chief of the Hazard Team, Starfleet's elite security unit. Now assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-E, players will explore strange new worlds, battle against both new and familiar civilizations and go on the most dangerous assignments in the galaxy." The game title is available for $50 (retail) or $40 (website); it requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later and a 733MHz G3 or G4 processor.

Rogue Amoeba updates Detour, Audio Hijack Pro

11/19, 12:00pm

Detour, Audio Hijack Pro

Rogue Amoeba has updated Detour 1.2.3 (DTR) to fix a couple of bugs and add automatic support for redirecting the audio from screen savers as well as new text-to-speech functions. It is a free update to the $12 shareware that provides application-specific routing of audio to either speakers, headphones, etc. Rogue also updated Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.6 (AHP), its $30 shareware utility to enhance and record the audio output of any application. It brings Mac OS X 10.3.1 support, bug fixes, and other enhancements. [DTR, AHP]

macXware releases Media Edit Pro for Mac OS X

11/19, 11:50am

Media Edit Pro for Mac OS X

macXware today announced MediaEdit Pro is now available for Mac OS X. The movie, audio, graphic editing application offers an extensive line of movie design elements, the power to export to any DV camera or QuickTime supported file format, and over 200 special effects, filters and transitions. MediaEdit Pro also offers a Rotoscoping tool that allows users to paint directly on movie frames: "Rotoscoping is best known as a technique for combining (compositing) cartoon figures with realistic settings in television commercials and is also used for special effects in feature-length films, such as the epic lightsaber effects." The software is $80 and runs on both Mac OS 9/X.

Sonnet ships Aria extreme PCI for 54 Mpbs networking

11/19, 11:45am

Sonnet Aria extreme PCI

Sonnet Technologies today announced its new Aria extreme PCI, a PCI card that provides 802.11g wireless networking for Power Macs with an available PCI slot: "Like the Sonnet Aria extreme Cardbus for PowerBooks and Laptops, the Aria extreme PCI is compatible with Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station as well as other 802.11g base stations. It is also backwards-compatible with previous 802.11b Wi-Fi network devices, and supports both 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 and AirPort 3.1 drivers from Apple. It will ship for $100 on November 25.

Pleasanton high school students to recieve 950 iBooks

11/19, 11:40am

950 iBooks to HS students

About 950 students at the Atascosa County school south of San Antonio (Texas) will be given an iBook to use for the next four years, as part of $2.2 million, four-year project: "Each laptop will have Internet access, office software, a calendar, an address book, video and photo editing software, a DVD player, a CD player and burner, chat capability and an application to listen to music. The district has installed wireless access points throughout the campus, including classroom buildings, the shop areas, gym, field house and press box at the football stadium."

MacNN Reader posts details of G4 CubeQuarium

11/19, 9:35am

G4 CubeQuarium

A MacNN reader documents his conversion of a G4 Cube to a fish acquarium as well as posted photos of the his new G4 CubeQuarium: "Here's a fun little case project I did, I thought people might like to check out. I turned my Cube's case into a realy slick aquarium."

Apps: AFBR, PhotoReviewer, iScooper, Contact Keeper

11/19, 9:25am

AFBR, Contact Keeper has released A Better Finder Rename 6.0, a new version of its conextual menu plugin for the Finder that allows users to quickly rename files. It offers an overhauled user interface, instant/full preview modes, and file sorting options. The $20 shareware runs on Mac OS X, including Panther. [1.7MB]
    Inventive's iScooper 1.5 ($20) is an automatic media downloading application that enables users to download and browse batches of photos. Version 1.5 adds integration with Safari, automation via AppleScript, hot key access, "scooping" multiple URLs, better slideshow control, and support for PICT, BMP, and Photoshop files. [3.1MB]
    PhotoReviewer 1.1 ($10) is a photo management tool for Mac OS X: "[it] doesn't compete with iPhoto; rather, it goes between your digital camera and iPhoto, or between your internet connection and iPhoto." The update offers faster display of images, renaming features, copy/move file options, and drag & drop support. [284KB]
    YazSoft has released Speed Download 2.1.1 which addresses speed issues and furthers functionality. It offers expanded compatibility with servers on the internet, file transfers between Macs, remote connections via Terminal, and much more. The $20 internet download utility requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later. Ipgrades are $15 for registered owners. [1.8MB]
    Contact Keeper 4.2.1 updates Koingo Software's versatile contact management solution/address book. The $16 shareware update adds better UI management, improved vCard import, new vCard export, more find options, synchronization of databases, and other features. [1.1MB]
    ClickTime 1.4 is a web-based time employee time tracking service with an optional desktop application. It offers email notification of incomplete timesheets, employee timesheet override, compatibility with QuickBooks and most payroll/billing services, variable billing rates (user/project/task), and extensive reporting. Limited, Basic, and Corporate versions of the monthly service are available.
    FaxEmailHelper 1.1 helps manages the new fax features in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. It fixes configuration problems (including file recognition of fax attachments), can specify the return email address of forwarded faxes, and can setup a specific SMTP server with options for a non-standard port and/or authentication. [88KB]

Registration for 2004 AppleScript Pro Sessions opens

11/19, 8:55am

AppleScript Pro Sessions

Scripting Matters has announced the 2004 AppleScript Pro Sessions, a five-day AppleScript training event that will be held May 3-7 at the Casa Munras Hotel in Monterey, California, and will cover new scripting features available in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, as well as using AppleScript with InDesign CS, QuarkXPress 6, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, Acrobat 6, AppleScript Studio, and much more. Pricing is $400 per day, with early bird registration deals that include a five-day package for $1,500 (ends March 15th).

Helios EtherShare supports AFP 3.1 protocol

11/19, 8:50am

EtherShare supports AFP 3.1

Helios Software today announced that EtherShare now supports the latest version of Apple's Apple Filing Protocol (AFP 3.1): "When used with HELIOS EtherShare, AFP 3.1 is the easiest, best performing, and most reliable protocol for connecting multiple Mac OS X clients to a server for sharing files easily and efficiently over a network." Other features include support for file names up to 255 characters and Unicode/UTF-8 file names; support for files larger than 4GB, Mac OS X 10.3 compatibility; legacy Mac OS 8/9 support via AFP 2.2 protocol; Client/Server reconnect support; Mac OS X client sleep support; and performance increases of 2-3 times over NFS or SMB/CIFS file sharing.

Macromedia offers Central for developers, debuts Flex

11/19, 3:55am

Central, Flex, AIM SDK

Macromedia today released the developer version of Macromedia Central, its software environment that lets users access distributed information from desktop PCs and handheld devices using XML and Web services. Macromedia also announced the addition of instant-messaging (IM) capabilities to Central through a partnership with America Online. Earlier this week, Macromedia unveiled Macromedia Flex, a presentation server and application framework that offers web-enabled, rich desktop applications using standards-based, declarative programming methodology and server runtime services.


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