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ALAP updates XPert Tools Pro, Align, Layers, Scale

11/13, 11:20pm

ALAP updates XPert apps

A Lowly Apprentice Production (ALAP) today released XPert Tools Pro 2.1, a major upgrade to its set of intuitive palette-driven XTensions for QuarkXPress that adds support for QuarkXPress 6.0 and Mac OS X."Our customers have been begging us for an OS X XPert Tools solution and today they have just that" said Paul Schmitt President of ALAP.

Apple begins airing new iPod TV spot on primetime

11/13, 11:15pm

New iPod TV spot

Apple today began airing its new iPod commercial on primetime television on NBC (in the US), according to MacNN readers: "I was just watching 'Friends' on NBC and I spotted the new Apple iPod ad. It looks just like the other two that Apple is running, with the colored backgrounds and black bodies. The only difference is the new music and that is says now for Windows." Update: The song in the spot is a remix of 'Rock Star' by N.E.R.D.

Reader offers details on Apple Java 1.41 update

11/13, 10:10pm

Java 1.41 Update details

A MacNN reader offers some details on the Panther-specific Java 1.4.1 update noted this morning: "The Java 1.4.1 update mentioned is only for people who have run the quicktime update (QT4J) and had it break their Java installation--which is a small few. The 1.4.1 update was released a while ago, this one simply fixes an issue where the Java Update might break after the QuickTime update. It will only appear in the Software Update if you have not installed the Java update 1.4.1 before (the original version). There is no new functionality here---just a different packaging."

Dr. Bott offers EveTV, ATI Remote Wonder bundle

11/13, 10:00pm

EveTV/ATI Remote bundle

Dr. Bott is offering a bundle of El Gato Software's EyeTV and ATI's Remote Wonder for $215 (a savings of $34). EyeTV is a Digital Video Recorder that connects to your Mac via the USB port and is now being bundled with the ATI Remote Wonder. "The ATI Remote Wonder is the perfect companion to EyeTV, allowing your Mac to record and view your favorite television programs, and control the actions from across the room." EyeTV enables users to pause whatever they're watching, whether it's a live television broadcast or a recorded show, and then resume watching at any time, while the Remote Wonder operates using Radio Frequency for wireless control of the device--even through walls.

Reader: custom iPod mount for car dashboard

11/13, 9:25pm

Photos of iPod car mount

A MacNN reader has published photos of a custom iPod car mount, installed using no adhesive, no holes drilled into the dash, no unsecure clips. "I had it painted to match my car. Thousands of songs no longer just in my pocket, but in my car also!"

iTunes helper allows MP3 downloads

11/13, 7:35pm

iTunes helper: file sharing

c|net reports that an independent Windows software developer has created a program that lets users of Apple's iTunes software share MP3 files almost as easily as they could using programs such as Kazaa. While iTunes' main purpose is let people buy music online and play songs stored on their computer, the software also includes a feature that allows customers to listen to songs stored on another PC on their local network. Apple's software makes no permanent copy of the song, but the new MyTunes software captures that 'stream' of music, making a copy that can be burned to a CD, uploaded to the Net or streamed to another PC.

\'Mac OS X Utilities Collection\' bundles system utils

11/13, 6:55pm

Mac OS X Utilities bundled

A leading group of Mac Software companies has announced the release of "Mac OS X Utilities: Volume 1" -- a collection of Mac OS X utilities for burning CDs and DVDs, recording audio, organizing icons, instant messaging, download managing, and more. The package contains 7 applications including AudioX, DiscBlaze, IconBox, Macabinet, Mellel, Proteus, and Speed Download 2. Valued at over $120, Mac OS X Utilities will be specially priced at $45 until Dec 13, 2003.

MyKeynoteThemes releases Autumn\'03 Keynote theme

11/13, 6:40pm

Autumn \'03 Keynote theme

MyKeynoteThemes has released its Autumn'03 Keynote theme, which is available in 1024x768 size only. The 90MB package includes two themes--each with 27 master slides. "The theme has corners and borders of leaves that look fantastic with the push or cube transitions. Circular frames of braided cane and rectangular frames of twigs and grass add to the feeling of fall." There are also 31 colorful closeups of leaves, presented as separate graphic elements as well as master slides; Autumn'03 also has 22 masked leaves and pine cones to create custom borders.

MacOSXLabs to host \"Scripting Primer\" WebCast

11/13, 6:40pm

\"Scripting Primer\" WebCas

On Tuesday, November 18 at 1:00 PM EDT MacOSXLabs will host its "Scripting Primer" webcast. Phil Rinehart will first present on issues that one tackles when deciding what and how to script in OS X. A discussion of what can be scripted, and how to do so will be presented, including a more in-depth view of a login script with Python. Kevin Boyd will follow with examples of automating scripts, creating double clickable scripts, customizing the login/logout process, among other system tasks. Viewers of the live webcast will be able to send it their questions that might get answered during the Q & A sections of the webcast.

Unsanity Releases Silk 2.0.4

11/13, 6:35pm

Unsanity Silk 2.0.4

Unsanity LLC today announced the release of Silk 2.0.4. "Silk allows substituting one font with another in your applications, and can change the theme font (the font used to display menus, window titles, and other interface elements)." Aside from Panther compatibility, the new version adds a default exclusion for Xcode, a Delete key option to remove individual font substitution rules, and sheds the constant beeping in the preference pane. The software is priced at $10.

Apps: CandyBar, iSwipe, Another Launcher...

11/13, 4:10pm

Candybar, iSwipe...

    Viewpoint has released a Mac OS X beta of its Viewpoint Media Player, which supports all the same features as the PC version enabling developers to develop a single piece of content for both operating systems. Features include enhanced support for Flash ActionScripting, support for Viewpoint Video, SceneCapture, and more. [form]
    Peter Maurer has released Another Launcher 3.0, which adds an auto-updating list of all mounted volumes, an editable search engine list, compatibility with Ambrosia's iSeek, additional hot-key options, and more. The utility is a $15 donationware. [487K]
    Panic and The Iconfactory have released CandyBar 1.6.1, an update to the popular $13 icon customization tool. This version offers full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.1 and is a free upgrade for registered users. [3.8MB]
    iSwipe searches and downloads from the Web, FTP, Hotline, Napster, OpenNapster and Gnutella networks. Version 1.5 features improved built-in Gnutella network capability and adds support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. The freeware application is available for Mac OS 8 through 10. [Classic, OSX]
    Cybersa Systems is now offering version Swordfish 3.0, its password management application. It adds two levels of password maker complexity, native OS X installation, and interface changes. Swordfish is available for $20 and requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later. [Classic, OSX]

Tech: Kazaa to distribute Indian film; cyber-blackmail

11/13, 3:35pm

Tech: Kazaa; cyberblackmail

Afternoon tech news: File-swapping company Sharman Networks on Thursday said it will digitally distribute a feature film from India's Bollywood, using its peer-to-peer application, Kazaa; the rapid growth of broadband home computer connections may be inadvertently fueling what police suspect could be the start of a new crime wave -- cyber-blackmail; Microsoft said it would be forced to offer European consumers a substandard version of Windows if the European Union makes it rewrite its operating system, sources close to the case said Thursday.

Australian resellers frustrated over DJ arrangement

11/13, 2:55pm

Resellers upset at DJ deal

Australian Apple resellers are becoming increasingly frustrated over the company's decision to sell its products at David Jones stores. David Jones' credit card, financing and extended hours give the retailer an advantage over the rest of the Apple channel, resellers say. On the other hand, David Jones is not Apple specialist, so "we're always going to have a competitive advantage," Adam Steinhardt, managing director at Apple reseller Next Byte, told Australian IT.

Bare Bones ships BBEdit 7.1 with SFTP support

11/13, 2:20pm

BBEdit 7.1 adds SFTP

Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of BBEdit 7.1, its flagship text and HTML editor. It adds support for SFTP, FTP and SFTP server discovery via Rendezvous, and "Preview in BBEdit" live HTML rendering, which allows customers to view a rendering of their HTML code under construction, in a window which automatically updates as the code is changed. This feature takes advantage of Apple's WebKit technology (requires Mac OS X 10.2 with Safari installed or Mac OS X 10.3). It can also open/save files on SFTP servers via the same standard menu commands used for FTP and also provides a new Rendezvous pop-up menu allowing easy selection of local servers.

Apple announces Final Cut Express promo for educators

11/13, 2:05pm

Final Cut Express for $49

Apple has informed members of its "X for Teachers" about a special deal on Final Cut Express. For a limited time, those educators can score the digital video editing software for a $200 savings off the regular price for educators. Final Cut Express is currently available to qualified educators for $249. This special promotion for educators who participated in last year's X for Teachers program lops another $200 off that price, making Final Cut Express available for $49 instead. The promotion runs through December 27, 2003.

Two ways to save up to $300 on Final Cut Pro

11/13, 2:05pm

Save $300 on Final Cut Pro

Now through February 28, 2004, consumers who buy any Mac can save $300 if they also purchase Final Cut Pro 4 and DVD Studio Pro 2. A $150 discount is offered when buying Final Cut Pro 4 and DVD Studio Pro 2 without the purchase of a Macintosh. The offer is available only at participating Apple Authorized Resellers and requires a mail-in rebate available at Apple's Web site.

MacDev Center posts tutorial on IP over FireWire

11/13, 12:40pm

IP over FireWire tutorial

Wei-Meng Lee has written an introduction on IP over FireWire, which is now integrated into Mac OS X 10.3 and saying that sharing an Internet connection is preferred over setting up an ad hoc AirPort base station that might compromise security: "With the release of Panther, you can use your FireWire port for Internet sharing using a technology known as IP over FireWire (previously available for download as preview release). IP over FireWire essentially allows IP protocols-based services (such as HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.) to be used over the FireWire connection. This means that you can use your FireWire port much like your Ethernet port."

NewTek to preview LightWave 3D 8.0 at LA User Group

11/13, 12:10pm

LightWave 3D 8.0 preview

NewTek will present a preview of LightWave 3D 8.0 at the Los Angeles LightWave Users Group Meeting on November 16, 2003. Los Angeles-based visual effects artist Rob Powers will be demonstrating LightWave 3D, which combines a state-of-the-art photo-real renderer with powerful modeling and animation tools. The forthcoming version of LightWave 3D 8.0 includes enhancements in dynamics, character animation, modeling tools and workflow, animation workflow, texturing tools, and more. Donetta Colboch, Executive Vice President of Marketing for NewTek, and Kevin Nations, User Interface Designer for NewTek's Engineering team, will also be attending.

Freeverse ships 3D Crazy Eights game title to retail

11/13, 9:25am

3D Crazy Eights in retail

Freeverse Software today began shipping its newest card title to retail stores: 3D Crazy Eights is its rendition of the classic suit-following card game. The game supports Internet play via the GameSmith opponent matching service as well as many popular rule variants and two scoring methods with custom card point levels. 3D Crazy Eights also supports Freeverse's PicturePuppets technology, which allows for simple drag-and-drop creation of unique online avatars for network play (users supply digital photos of their own faces). The retail version is $25 for Mac OS 8/9/X and ships with a free bonus codebreaking game: Enigma.

Iomega debuts REV 35GB/90GB removeable drive storage

11/13, 8:55am

REV 35GB/90GB storage

Iomega has announced its first product based on its RRD technology, the new Iomega REV 35GB/90GB (native/compressed) system is expected to be launched in March of 2004, while working prototypes of Iomega REV drives are expected next week during Comdex Las Vegas 2003: "With price and performance advantages over traditional tape backup systems, the soon-to-be released Iomega REV system is designed for state-of-the-art backup and high capacity portable storage for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise workgroups."

SweetCocoa updates LapCop 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.3

11/13, 8:40am

LapCop 2.0 for Panther

SweetCocoa has released LapCop 2.0 for Panther. LapCop is a $25 application that sends an alert e-mail to an address of your choice in case your Mac is lost or stolen: "It automagically detects when your Mac has been lost or stolen and goes into alert mode. As soon as your Mac is connected to the internet, LapCop contacts our LapCop server., which compiles all necessary information and sends an alert e-mail." [Jaguar, Panther]

Apps: Acquisition, @-time, Dissolve Factory...

11/13, 8:20am

Acquisition, @-time

    Buena Software's $40 Dissolve Factory 1.0.2 brings support for Final Cut Pro 4 (FCP); It is an After Effects and FCP plugin for Mac OS 9/X that allows users to create tasteful new cross-dissolve transitions, allowing users to simulate film or optical dissolves, as well as create entirely new dissolves based on colors, saturation, or other attributes. [764KB]
    iConCompo 2.5 ($17) is a graphic utility to modify and combine two icon-size images (up to 128x128 pixels). It supports manipulation of sizes, positions and colors; adding shadows, text, and frames; saving to multiple formats; storage of favorite images; etc. Version 2.5 adds support for Panther and options to adjust shadows. [1.7MB]
    Ircle 3.1f2, now compatible with Panther, is the latest version of the popular IRC client for Mac OS 7/8/9/X. It is avaialble in (International) English, German, Italian and French. It is $20 shareware. [Classic, OSX]
    VoJou Software @-time 3.2 brings Panther compatibility to the small application that displays local time in several world cities as well as Internet (@) time. It also features a new icon and a new floating window for displaying city times. The freeware runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [155KB]
    TaskTime 1.0 provides a "straightforward method of tracking time spent on jobs you do for your clients. It can generate invoices which can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk." Other features include automatic calculation of time spent on projects, creation of clear/attractive invoices, multiple projects per client, multiple clients, etc. It is $10 shareware for Mac OS X. [844KB]
    Zapptek's iPod It 2.2 ($15) eadds the ability to handle Notes entries large the 4KB, provide enhanced navigation of Notes entries within a folder and fixes a number of bugs. iPod It supports transferring information from Entourage, Stickies, Mail, Address Book and iCal as well as the ability to download weather forecasts and news headlines directly to your iPod. [161KB]
    David Watanabe has updated Acquisition 103.4, his Cocoa-based peer-to-peer file sharing client for Mac OS X and Gnutella networks. It offers vastly improved multisource downloading, pause/resume download functionality, faster initial network connection, improved download resumption at startup, detailed feedback on current downloads, and new preferences. The $15 application runs on Mac OS X. [1.8MB]

IBM: smaller 90nm PowerPC G5, new G5 blade servers

11/13, 7:55am

Smaller 90nm PPC G5

IBM is expected to present information on a smaller 90 nm version of the Power PowerPC "G5" 970 processor at February 2004 ISSCC meeting, according to PCWeb (Japanense publication): " So I wonder if this means we won't see 90 nm chips until mid-2004 or later. It makes you wonder if the 3 GHz G5 is 130 nm or 90 nm. And I guess I won't get my G5 PowerBook until about a year from now." Meanwhile, IBM also launched its new G5 blade servers running Linux/AIX, featuring two 1.6GHz PowerPC 970 processors with full-speed 512 KB ECC L2 cache.

Apple reposts Panther-specific Java 1.4.1 update

11/13, 7:45am

Java 1.4.1 for Panther

Apple has posted a new Panther-specific Java 1.4.1 update after pulling the previous version due to compatibility issues with other software (see Apple Knowledge Base document): "The Java Update delivers functional enhancements and improved stability for running Java applications and applets. It contains support for both Java 1.4.1 and Java 1.3.1. It is strongly recommended that all users install this update." One MacNN reader noted it was available via the Software Update; however, others note some trouble obtaining the update via the built-in Software Update function. Update:An Apple Dev Tech note describes a incomplete Java install problem on some Panther installations and offers a workaround for developers, saying that a fix for end-users is "pending."


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