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Apple Store offers iTunes Music Store Gift Certificates

11/09, 11:30pm

iTMS Gift Certificates

The Apple Store is offering iTunes Music Gift Certificates, which it first introduced with its second-generation iTunes Music Store in mid-October. The certificates are available in amounts ranging from $10 to $200 can be used purchase songs without using credit card and can be sent to anyone with an email address.

TIME: iTunes Music Store one of \'Coolest Inventions\'

11/09, 11:10pm

iTMS: \'Coolest invention\'

Apple's iTunes Music Store is one of TIME Magazine's Coolest Inventions of 2003: "Jobs has one more reason not to be concerned about the competition. 'The dirty little secret of all this is there's no way to make money on these stores," he says. For every 99 Apple gets from your credit card, 65 goes straight to the music label. Another quarter or so gets eaten up by distribution costs. At most, Jobs is left with a dime per track, so even $500 million in annual sales would add up to a paltry $50 million profit. Why even bother? 'Because we're selling iPods.' ..That may make iTunes the most benign-looking Trojan Horse in software history."

iBooks, wireless access offered to kindergarten pupils

11/09, 6:00pm

iBooks for kindergarteners

Williams Elementary School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts recently purchased a iBooks for its elementary school kids: "The iBook Wireless Mobile Lab made its first appearance at Williams on Friday morning as 19 kindergarten pupils were given laptop computers from the unit to work with...The mobile lab system also contains a wireless connection so that children can use the laptops anywhere within 150 feet of the cart. Avalle said some of the youngsters took the laptops into the school's courtyard and playground to work on them."


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