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Mac OS X: an option that\'s enterprise-worthy

09/13, 11:30pm

Mac OS X: an option that\'s enterprise-worthy

Writing his first column after switching to Mac OS X, Infoworld's CTO says that "there are some specific technology issues that Mac OS X addresses really well. Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider Mac OS X is astoundingly simple: It's a Unix-based system that runs software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. First and foremost, overall security is much easier to tackle than with Windows...The 'it just works' quality of Mac OS X also saves a lot of time and frustration -- what your pro-Mac friends and colleagues have been telling you is definitely true."

Readers: Problems with iTunes radio services

09/13, 11:10pm

Readers: Problems with iTunes radio services

Several MacNN readers note problems with Apple's iTunes radio services, as confirmed by dozens of posts in Apple's support forums--though some have found that manually visiting the sites and/or adding specific DNS entries have solved the problem: "All internet radio listings on iTunes are routed through an Apple owned servers at This is currently offline and not responding to any queries. Manually going to the web sites that hosted my favorite streams and manually selecting their MP3 broadcasts brought most of them back. But the links to Apple's services are gone."

Apps: MPEG2Works, Ollie\'s Tab, CopyWrite...

09/13, 11:05pm

Apps: MPEG2Works, Ollie\'s Tab, CopyWrite...

    Softhing's Entourage Email Archive X 1.7 ($20) is an update to the company's utility for archiving emails and attachments you have received or sent using Microsoft Entourage X in Mac OS X. It offers functions to archive to the Finder, to text file, or to tab-text format. [735KB]
    MPEG2Works 2.0 is will allow users to author/convert movies to MPEG2/MPEG1 DVD/SVCD/VCD-ready audio/video files. Version 2.0 adds open/save dialogs, a progress bar, an improved GUI, more NTSC/VCD scripts, and ne Tools and Audio tabs. The freeware for Mac OS X supports over 20 input movie formats. [953KB]
    The freeware Ollie's Tab 1.2 adds a convenient 'Tab' button at the top of Safari Version 1.2 adds a remover tool to restore Safari to its original configuration. [317KB]
    Colourfull Creations has updated Max Bidder 1.5, which adds a check box for time sync issues, a search for similar items, and other enhancements to the company's eBay auction tool. It is $10 and runs on Mac OS 9/X. [Classic, OSX]
    ImageIP's Distort and Morph plugin pack for iMovie offers a variety of high-quality same-name effects and transitions, including "Morph Clip" (transition from one frame to another), magnification, "Tilt Plate," "Morph Over", and "Wash Away" and "Wash up". It is $25 and supports iMovie 2/3 under Mac OS X 10.2.4. [404KB]
    CopyWrite is a project-based writer tool: "Whether you're writing for business or pleasure, a magazine article or the next Great American Novel, CopyWrite isn't intended to be your everything-processor." A limited version of the $20 application is available for free. [4.4MB]
    AimSniff 1.2 simply gives you the IP of an AOL Instant Messenger user when you make a direct connection with them: "All the user needs to do is to make a direct connection with the other user, and once it's made simply click on the sniff button and you will have their IP." [809KB]

Florida school district phases out Macs

09/13, 10:30pm

Florida school district phases out Macs

Florida's Pinellas County school disctrict is phasing out Macs in a favor of supporting a single-platform environment: "The directive came from Pinellas County superintendent Howard Hinesley, who wants to the district to use one type of computer instead of two. That decision has angered some administrators and teachers who can't fathom parting with their Apple computers, even if it won't happen for several years. Two of every three computers owned by the school district are Apples."

Popwire ships Compression Engine 1.4

09/13, 10:25pm

Popwire ships Compression Engine 1.4

As anticipated earlier this month, Popwire is now shipping its Compression Engine 1.4, a a high performance digital media coding solution for Broadcasting companies, media houses, ISP and mobile operators. Compression Engine simplifies the process of distributing content in multiple formats and transcoding between incompatible systems. Version 1.4 includes 2-Pass encoding, MPEG-4 advanced profile, extended MPEG-2, and DV as well as support for GXF files as ewll as new and improved filters and optimized performance. It runs on Mac OS X and Solaris platforms.


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