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iPod appears in \'50 Cent\' music video

09/07, 11:25pm

iPod appears in \'50 Cent\' music video

For the first 30 seconds of most recent music video (for the song "P.I.M.P"), rapper 50 Cent "lovingly caresses" an iPod portable digital music player as "three scantily clad women lovingly caress him," reports the New York Times. The rapper and the women are dressed all in white, "a perfect match for the sleek white design of the iPod," comments writer Neil Strauss, "which has exactly as many close-ups as 50 Cent does in the video's opening scenes." iPods are also seen later in the video with other performers. "Whether it's a paid endorsement or not is beside the point," Strauss says, "the iPod looks like it belongs in the video."

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