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Apple eyes Bollywood market for future growth

08/23, 1:45pm

Apple eyes Bollywood market for future growth

Apple Friday said it plans to make inroads into Bollywood, India's film industry, by offering its latest G5 processor-based computers for faster editing of films: "Apple hopes to entice Bollywood into using the G5 machines, made in collaboration with IBM, to edit, animate, and design special effects. 'India is a huge untapped market for Apple and apart from traditional industries such as designing and animation we are also looking to Bollywood as a potentially large market,'" said Richard Ng, product marketing manager for Apple's Asia Pacific region."

Apps: Flash Player, mpc2aiff, color exchanger

08/23, 1:10pm

Apps: Flash Player, mpc2aiff, color exchanger

    Macromedia has posted a second beta of its Flash 7.0b2 player, an update to its Flash browser plugin supporting IE, Netscape, Mozilla, AOL, Opera, and Safari (under Mac OS X) browsers. [Classic, OSX]
    The freeware mpc2aiff 1.0 is "a front-end interface for the command-line utility mppdec, which will decode mpc files (musepack's mpeg plus; other supported extensions are "mpp" or "mp+") to aiff format." It now bundles the latest mppdec version. [85KB]
    color exchanger 1.0 ($3) is a special effects plug for iMovie that lets you exchange all pixels in a picture that match one color with another color. you may tell the plug to allow the color some 'leeway' in matching, as well as allowing up to the same leeway to be applied to the exchanged color. [455KB]
    Eudora is testing the latest release of its email client, Eudora 6.0b31. Version 6.0 offers a new content concentrator, SMTP relay preferences, contextual filing based on a keyword, mailboxes drawer, and a new look. SpamWatch is no longer available in Light or Sponsored modes. [Classic, OSX]
    KisMAC 0.05d4 fixes a major security flaw in the Mac OS X stumbler application that puts your card into the monitor mode. It supports third party PCMCIA cards with Orinoco and PrismII chipsets, as well as Cisco Aironet cards. [2.7MB]

Apple website changes \'Music\' to \'iTunes\'

08/23, 12:55pm

Apple website changes \'Music\' to \'iTunes\'

MacNN reader Richard Lorenc notes a subtle change at Apple's Website: "Apple has seemingly changed its 'Music' tab to 'iTunes'. I suspect this may have something to do with the problems between Apple Computer and Apple Records, the Beatles' record company. The Beatles may soon be making an appearance on the iTunes Music Store."

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