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Apple to \"ship all orders of G5\" this month

08/09, 4:05pm

Apple to \"ship all orders of G5\" this month

Apple says that it remains on target to "ship all orders for G5 machines" this month, according to "Rumor has it that advance orders have been strong for the company's eagerly awaited PowerMac G5 computer....While other rumors about a possible inventory shortage may be unfounded, it wouldn't be the first time Apple has faced such issues during a surge in demand for a popular product."

Apps: Digital Performer, Haxial Calculator...

08/09, 4:00pm

Apps: Digital Performer, Haxial Calculator...

    Myth II 1.4.2 fixes outstanding problems with the game engine and also adds functionality, which will allow for continued community growth, including reduced Chat lag, automatic Classic installation, and improved FPS performance. [14.4MB]
    CTM Development has released PowerMail 4.2 public beta, which now includes entirely new CTM FoxTrot high-speed search technology; improved indexing and searching (by up to 500%), an extensible search user interface with combinable fields, content-based fitlering, and IMAP-based searches. [5.0MB]
    Michel Pollet's Loudometer 1.0b3 is an "Analog" temperature probe for some PowerMac G4s (MDD & FW800). It now records the statistics of temperatures for up to 3 years, offers an OpenGL-enhanced temperature history window with an interpolated temperature curve, and has other improvements. [208KB]
    PageSpinner 4.5.1 is an update to the $30 web development package, adding support for creating JPEG 2000 and MPEG Movies links, improved previews of local SSI files, support for FTPeel (as well as iView Media & Netscape 7.1), improved AppleScript, better Safari previews, and enhanced Open file dialogs. [3.9MB]
    Haxial Calculator 1.0 is a $15 mathematical assistant that evaluates normal (infix) expressions: "Results can be viewed in normal, fraction or scientific forms...Worksheets enable you to solve larger problems...[it also] incorporates unit and radix conversion utilities." [327KB]
    MusicalMac notes that MOTU has delayed the release of Digital Performer 4.1, which was expected to released on August 8th: "The DP 4.1 release has been slightly delayed. Further specific information will be posted here within the next several days. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we take the time to ensure a successful release."

iPod 2.02 firmware has no functional changes

08/09, 3:55pm

iPod 2.02 firmware has no functional changes

Following notes by several MacNN readers on the receipt of iPods with version 2.02 firmware (along with much speculation on the changes in the updated firmware), Apple's Knowledege Base notes that "Certain iPod (with Dock Connector) models include iPod software 2.0.2. The 2.0.2 version of the iPod software is an update used in manufacturing and contains no functional changes. It is not required, and is not available as a download."

ExhibitionX: unique photo viewing tool

08/09, 2:55pm

ExhibitionX: unique photo viewing tool

David Ahmed's ExhibitionX 2.0 is a shareware ($15) tool to view your picture folders and iPhoto 2 albums that offers six easy-to-navigate 3D environments: the walk-around gallery, octagonal carousel, book view, multi-cube, flat and disc view. Version 2.0 updates the Aqua interface to include a customizable toolbar and non-textured window, an image list to organize and arrange the exhibition, more drag & drop support. It offers 4:3, 16:9 and 3:2 screen aspect ratio options, choice of background textures & colors and localizations for English, French and Japanese.


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