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Limbaugh criticizes Apple\'s politics

06/29, 11:55pm

Limbaugh criticizes Apple\'s politics

Radio talk-show host and political analyst Rush Limbaugh expressed concern on his online Web site with Apple's involvement of politics in marketing and decision making. Limbaugh -- an outspoken conservative and avid Mac user -- says Apple is "apparently a company that is so constrained by the political views of its corporate leadership and board [...] that it is accepting lower sales." Limbaugh does not specify how the alleged liberal slant of Apple's board of directors -- which includes "Algore" -- affects the company's market share, but says Apple "should have at least double the share of the market they hold now." Previously, Limbaugh called Apple CEO Steve Jobs a "Clinton-loving Democrat" and said the company could increase its market share to over ten percent by "actively participat[ing]" in his program.

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