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Apple workers get raise despite pay freeze

06/21, 11:05pm

Apple workers get raise despite pay freeze

The Irish Examiner reports that SIPTU workers at the Apple plant in Cork have negotiated a 13% pay rise, despite a global pay freeze for all workers, which was instituted in October of 2001 "and this is up for review in July. The bulk of the SIPTU members at the plant are involved in the production of the company's high-end desktop G4 computers and servers. There are 180 permanent workers in manufacturing, plus up to 200 other contract workers employed at the busiest periods....Their pay review date fell in December, prior to the implementation of the pay freeze."

Early screenshots of Mac OS X \"Panther\"?

06/21, 10:55pm

Early screenshots of Mac OS X \"Panther\"?

Several readers point to what are described as "early screenshots of 'Panther'", the next version of Mac OS X (v10.3) expected to debut at Apple's WWDC next week and ship in September. The screenshots include the Finder, System Preferences, Activity Monitor, DVD Player, Expose 1, Expose 2, Folder Menu, Folder Actions, iChat Video options, Labels, and Mail. Update: the screenshots can also be found mirrored here. [Apple has not officially released any information and/or screenshots, and it is not yet confirmed if these are real; the primary link was unaccessible at of 11:55 pm ET and the screenshots at the mirror site were taken down at the request of Apple legal.]

Fusion Systems ships DigiPage 4.0 for OS X

06/21, 10:45pm

Fusion Systems ships DigiPage 4.0 for OS X

Fusion Systems has announced it has begun shipping DigiPage 4.0 for Mac OS X, which adds new RIP technologies, including the new TrapPro (an automated raster object-based, in-line trapping solution) to Mac OS X. Using Harlequin RIP Eclipse technologies, DigiPage 4.0 can produce plate-ready files, complete with dot-for-dot color composite proofing files. It is a "true render once, output many (ROOM) single page workflow that automates 'Post-RIP' page imposition and provides 'exact match' proofing for imagesetters, proofers, platesetters and digital presses. It offers early detection of hidden problems commonly not detected in PDF and PDF/X-1A files until a press proof is made. A 30-day trial is available.


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