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News Archive for 03/06/08

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Reader describes software licensing flaw

06/08, 11:30pm

Reader describes software licensing flaw

MacNN reader Ofir Gal let us know about an irregularity in the way Apple's server software recognizes licensed clients: "If you use AFP automounts as well as normal file sharing, the server counts each of your users twice! You can only get 5 users on a 10 user license. This is the normal recommended setting if you wish to place users' home directories on the server and also allow them access to a group sharepoint as described in the OSX server manual. I tried talking to Apple support, customer services and others, but they insist that this is a feature."

Reader: misleading iTunes store ad

06/08, 11:10pm

Reader: misleading iTunes store ad

A MacNN reader raises questions about promotional material for Apple's online music service: "I was walking by the Clarendon Apple store a few days ago and I noticed that in the display for the iTunes MS [Music Store] in the window, they were showing two different Madonna CDs, Ray of Light and one other. However, Madonna is not available in the iTMS [iTunes Music Store] and I find it suspicious that this would be so."

Apps: MathEQ EE, BurnoutMenu, Keep10...

06/08, 11:30am

Apps: MathEQ EE, BurnoutMenu, Keep10...

    DEVONtechnologies has updated its freeware thumbnail generation utility ThumbsUp 3.0, a simple and fast drag-and-drop based utility to create thumbnails. It supports all image formats of Mac OS X and QuickTime (including PDF documents). In addition size, quality and antialiasing are configurable. Version 3.0 saves thumbnails as TIFF, GIF, JPEG or PNG and let users scale images not only by absolute width and height values but also by percentage. Optionally, ThumbsUp sharpens the generated thumbnail, configurable from light over medium to strong. [108KB]
    MathEQ 4.0 Expression Editor creates mathematical and scientific expressions, offering font control and the ability to insert the expression into various word processing and layout programs, including MSWord/Office, Adobe InDesign/FrameMaker/Illustrator, and many others. MathEQ will also convert MS equation Editor and MathType expressions into MathEQ expressions, providing 'superior' PostScript rendering and multiple output options, including MathML, TeX, PICT+PS, re-editable PNG, and MathSpeak -- a system for creating mathematical expressions inside of HTML pages that are readible by screen readers used by visually-impaired/blind users. [Classic, OSX]
    BurnoutMenu 1.1.3 is an menu-based organizer that allows users to track to-do-items in multiple categories. The $6 shareware offers export and iCal support as well as other bug fixes in the new release. [805KB]
    Keep10 1.0 is described as an essential addition to AppleWorks. It is an AppleScript that can be attached to the AppleWorks recent items folder that will delete everything but the 10 most recent ones. (AppleWorks by default saves all the recent items.). It is donationware. [4KB]
    The Mac OS X-only Pod2Go 0.5b1 adds support for syncing movie info, driving directions, contacts/calendars, Stickies, sync logs, unicode text support and other features. Pod2Go is a freeware application that will download news, weather, stock quotes and more onto your iPod. [311KB]


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