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Apps: PlayBWF, Transmit, Stupendous, ...

05/31, 3:40pm

Apps: PlayBWF, Transmit, Stupendous, ...

    PlayBWF allows users to preview the BWF audio data without the need of any expensive software solution. The OS X application supports mono BWF and stereo BWF-P files. PlayBWF also extracts the meta data of the BWF file header and displays data like starting timecode of the file, scene, take, notes etc. The timecode is calculated based on the user-defined framerate. [Download - 219KB]
    Transmit 2.5.1 is a maintenance update to the FTP client for Mac OS X from Panic. The update corrects a few bugs, primarily with SFTP. Fixes include: an SFTP failure when trying to upload files on certain servers ("read error"); a problem where SFTP uploads would be 0 bytes after a large number of files ("remote handle"); the display of remote symbolic links; and a hidden preference to disable Transmit directory caching. [Download - 973KB]
    Stupendous Software has released new versions of two plug-in packs for Apple's iMovie video editing package. The "SplitScreen & PiP" plug-in pack has been updated with a new split screen effect called "Side By Side," which places images from two clips next to each other, shrinking them so that the entire frame is on screen. The "Labels & Overlays" plug-in pack, which contains effect for placing text and markers on an image, now includes two new effects for placing time counters (in seconds and frames) on clips. Pricing is $25 per pack or $200 for the 'Stupendous Bundle.' [Download - SS&P, L&O]
    Colourfull Creations has released Maxi Bidder 1.1 for Mac OS 9/X. Updates include minor bug fixes, automatic sync with eBay prices, and audio warnings for bids that are too low. Maxi Bidder allows users of eBay to "win their auctions at the last minute." [Download - Classic, OS X]

USA Today column praises iPod

05/31, 2:35pm

USA Today column praises iPod

A USA Today article says Apple's iPod is still the best digital music player on the market, as it enters its third generation. Compared to the competing Neuros music player, the iPod is more refined, and easier to use. Author Edward C. Baig says comparing the iPod to the Neuros is like comparing a "triple-A prospect next to Texas Rangers' shortstop Alex Rodriguez." Baig says the iPod "outclasses every other portable player [...] in style, speed and simplicity."


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