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Apple store coming to Tucson, AZ

05/26, 8:50am

Apple store coming to Tucson, AZ

MacNN reader Alan Rockowitz notes that Apple is soliciting applications on for an upcoming retail store in Tucson, AZ. Meanwhile, another reader notes that one Apple retail store is offering discounts on refurbished hardware: "I went by the Apple Store in Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, IL) today to find out that they were selling many of their demo units and "off the shelf" units for huge discounts. They had a 1 Ghz PowerMac G4 (mirror door) for only $1199, and one of the older iPods (30 Gig) for $299. If you don't mind a little dated equipment, many other Apple Stores may be having similar clearinghouse items."

Apps: iConquer, FastScripts, SquashCounter...

05/26, 8:45am

Apps: iConquer, FastScripts, SquashCounter...

    KavaSoft has released iConquer 2.1, a new version of the game of world conquest for Mac OS X. This new version features six new maps, including Switzerland, Southeast Asia, and a more complex world map. It also includes new toolbar items, an improved statistics window, and better accessibility for vision-impaired users. The $13 shareware allows up to 6 players to play against each other over the Internet or against the computer. [7.5MB]
    FastScripts 1.1 is a utility for quickly and elegantly running scripts (AppleScript or shell scripts) from whichever application you happen to be running at the moment. It adds support for application-specific scripts, keyboard shortcuts, and automatic synchronization with folder changes. A demo of the $10 shareware is available now. [93KB]
    Jyrki Wahlstedt's SquashCounter 0.1 is a Mac OS 10.2 utility for counting points and squash games according to the chosen method (traditional/PARS/PARS9). It also features warmup and game interval timers, draw management (loser is out -method), printing the results and HTML export. [500KB]
    PowerMail 4.1.3 is an update to CTM Development's alternative email client. It features improvements in searching, online documentation, AppleScript, international text and general robustness on Mac OS 8/9/X. It is a free update to the $50 shareware. A 30-day demo is available. [5.0MB]
    DivXWMAConverter allows you to "convert DivX movies files with WMA audio so that they can be converted under Mac OS X with DivX Validator. The WMA codec is not available under Mac OS X, as a consequence tools like DivX Validator won't be able to validate DivX files including WMA audio. Although movie players like MPlayer allow you to play such DivX movies, I noticed that MPlayer is much slower than QuickTime for playing movies, and G30based computers (500MHz and slower) may not be fast enough to play high-resolution DivX movies."
    Active4D 3.0b15 is a fully dynamic server-side embedded scripting language for 4th Dimension which brings support for Microsoft's Active Server Pages to the 4D environment. It includes a full HTTP server, a dynamic embedded scripting engine, more than 200 new web-focused commands, automatic session support, transparent cookie and file upload support, and both debugging tools. Developer licenses are free, while deployment licenses start at $700 for the first year (and $270 annually thereafter). It runs on Mac OS 9/X. [1.4MB]
    Skunk Studios today released Mac OS X versions of Gutterball 3D (realistic 3D bowling game), Spelvin (casino-style word game), QBz (puzzle game), and Word Up (word game with three different modes). A free trial of the games is available; each title is $20. Mac OS 8/9 versions are also available online.


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