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eline releases VideoClix 2.5 authoring app

05/24, 11:45am

eline releases VideoClix 2.5 authoring app

eline Technologies today released VideoClix 2.5 for Mac OS X, an update to its interactive video authoring software. VideoClix allows you "to build interactivity into the actual video image, which enables viewers to click on objects in the video and get feedback such as purchasing information, biography, location etc.... Add Dynamic video Hotspots, create time triggered Actions, incorporate Text and Chapters without any scripting." VideoClix-enabled content can be served from any standard server without additional client-side plug-ins. It supports QuickTime, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, and Flash and DV file formats. Version 2.5 includes more responsive real-time tracking and other bug fixes. Upgrades for v1.0 owners to the $250 application are $100.

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