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Apps: Squidman, NodeScan, Meshwork...

05/10, 2:15pm

Apps: Squidman, NodeScan, Meshwork...

    SquidMan 1.1 is a graphical installer and front-end for the Squid proxy cache for Mac OS X. It can cache downloaded content, act as a proxy server for other computers on your subnet; restore the operation of many MacOS X system services that normally fail through authenticated proxy servers, such as Software Update. The freeware requires Mac OS X. [1.0MB]
    CyberDisc today released updated Beta versions of NodeScan, with added instant messaging capability and accounts for individual users. It offers file sharing, searching, group chat, messaging and audio streaming of files in the high quality Ogg Vorbis format. It is free during the beta and pre-registration is $50 for the server and $20 for the client. [Classic, OSX]
    Meshwork 2.0 is a 3D triangle-mesh modeling program that is designed for making compact, efficient objects for use in 3D games or on the web. It imports and exports several file formats, including DXF and optimized 3DMF. It can also be used to produce VRML for the web, models for POV-Ray, sprites, models for OpenGL applications, and more. It is $30. [Classic, OSX]
    The MacGIMP project is giving away packaged copies of MacGIMP for users who will write up a 500 word description of how they use their favorite GIMP Plugin. Deadline for submissions is May 30, 2003.

FireWire Depot ships 4U Rackmount Chassis

05/10, 2:05pm

FireWire Depot ships 4U Rackmount Chassis

FireWire Depot has released an aluminum 4U Rackmount system capable of housing up to 8 removable trays--each tray is ATA6 compliant, supporting almost any capacity hard drive. The rackmount system features 8 open 5.25" bays and one open 3.5" drive bay as well as optional hot-swap racks, a 300W ATX power supply (with an option for redundant power supplies), 3 cooling fans, foldable alloy handles. Pricing is $305. FireWire Depot also announces the availability of FireWire 1394a cables with 90-degree connectors at one end to "make connecting to certain devices much easier and help clean up any cable mess." The cables are available in 19", 31", 39" and 60" lengths with prices starting at $30.

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