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Apps: SMTP Client, AS for iTunes, Apimac...

03/23, 12:05pm

Apps: SMTP Client, AS for iTunes, Apimac...

    Deep Sky Technologies today released SMTP Client Deux Professional 1.2.0, an update to its 4th Dimension component that provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. One-year registration is $200; yearly license renewal is $100. Details of the update were not provided. [Download - 986KB]
    Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes posted several new free AppleScripts this week: Stop Track! uses a special track to stop iTunes and cue the next track; Rename Files 1.2.1 assists with renaming files based on your arrangement of available track tags; Audition End of Track starts playing the selected track from the last 15 seconds; iTunes FMP Database 1.5 imports iTunes track data to a FileMaker Pro database, scripts and template all included; Playlistbot uses drag-and-drop to create playlists with associated folders; CD Label of Selected Playlist v0.5c assists with creating printable CD Labels with iTunes and AppleWorks. [Download - ST, RF, AE, CDLP, PB, IFMP]
    Director's NoteBook 1.0 ($200) is designed specifically for TV commercial directors and director/cameramen. The application functions as a digital "project notebook", organizing all information a director needs access to during pre-production, production, and post-production. Directors can print from over 20 different customizable printouts and reports including shooting boards to shotlists. Directors can also present an on-screen "slide show" of the the boards much like those created in programs like PowerPoint and Keynote. [Download - Classic, OS X]
    Apimac has released Address Book 5.0, a new version of its telephone and address application, fully integrated with Internet and Mac OS X. Version 5.0 was in the beta development stage since January and after a comprehensive customer feedback, it is now available for general use. It is a significant revision of the application that involved a complete rewrite of the code. It sports a revamped interface where the main window is divided in four sections accessible by tab panes, which provides a convenient and easy access to contact data. [Download - Classic, OS X]


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