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Apps: MP3 Sushi, Slacker, PageSpinner...

03/16, 10:30am

Apps: MP3 Sushi, Slacker, PageSpinner...

    Malia Software's MP3 Sushi 1.3 is a set of application t hat allows you to turn your Mac into a Jukebox or a Radio broadcast station. It offers support for Rendezvous technology, allowing users to discover Jukebox and Radio servers on your local network as well. Version 1.3 offers the ability to set the downstream bitrate for Radion broadcasting, password protection for Jukebox servers, and new Spanish localization. [2.4MB]
    Daniel Steffen has released Mac OS X binary distributions for Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.2, the Mac OS X native port of the Tcl scripting language and the Tk toolkit. It is available for Mac OS X in three different flavors.
    Cliché Software today released BurnoutMenu, a simple to-do list for Mac OS X that works from the menu bar. It lets you track items in multiple categories at a glance. A 28-day trial of the $6 utility is available online. [274KB]
    Mindlube Software's Slacker Todo Lists 2.0 is also a productivity app for Mac OS X. Version 2.0 adds an outliner, custom icons, and categories, as well as new reminder and calendar functions. The update also features improved font handling, better text functions, and a new toolbar. The $25 utility runs on Mac OS X. [950KB]
    Optima System has released PageSpinner 4.5 Preview 1, an early preview of the $30 the web authoring package. The new version of PageSpinner features enhanced OS X support and integration, an improved editor, better management of plug-ins and scripts, support for viewing local PHP, SSI and CGI files served by a web server, built-in file transfers functions and more. The free upgrade is currently available to registered owners of v3.5 and later. [3.7MB]
    Sidekick 1.01 is a Mac OS X menu bar item integrates with AppleWorks 6, offering one-click and menu access to common functions and other AppleWorks routines. It offers fixes for running AppleWorks under Classic, and other enhancements. It is $8 (or $45 for a site license). [125KB]
    The all-in-one system utility, Xupport 1.2.8, adds the ability to delete files/folders with admin privileges, improves the "bootable backup" functions, and has other fixes tot he Unix manual browser. The $20 utility offerrs functions for accessing hidden Finder settings, enabling file system journaling, custom ports for servers, and other useful functions. [412KB]

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