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Army Major uses Macs in Middle East

03/08, 10:00pm

Army Major uses Macs in Middle East

Wired News writes about the importance of one Mac in the Middle East, noting that the 1GHz Titanium PowerBook, which was purchased with a special requisition, works better than the military standard Panasonic Toughbook: "The Mac makes this work simple, quick and efficient. The other laptops either can't open the files or lock up halfway through, losing whatever I was working on at the time, and then (I have) to restart the computer and start over."

Apps: Dejal Simon, Ephemera, Cameraid...

03/08, 2:10pm

Apps: Dejal Simon, Ephemera, Cameraid...

    Dejal Simon 1.1 is a site monitoring tool for Mac OS X that checks sites for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means: "You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important site goes down or recovers." Simon is localized for both English and French and is available for $30 (basic with up to 3 tests); $60 (Standard with up to 10); and $200 (Enterprise for unlimited tests). [2.5MB]
    Aspyr has released NASCAR Racing 2002 Season 1.0.1. This update fixes a number of issues with the retail version of the game, including drafting, issues with unsafe entry into the pits, skid marks, sound on dual CPU computers, and other minor UI and memory tweaks. The $40 title only runs on Mac OS X. [2.5MB]
    Stick Software's freeware Ephemera is a "slide show" screensaver with more than 60 photographs. The photos are landscape and nature art photography, are all in color, and were taken at a variety of locations around the world, between 1999 and 2002. [14.7MB]
    Juri Munkki's Cameraid 1.3 performs lossless photo rotations, offers a photo grading system, batch processing, file renaming based on EXIF and file info, JPEG image enhancements, and the ability to download photos from many popular digital cameras. The digital photography and photo management utility program adds Mac OS X compatibility, numerous bug fixes and enhancements and some important new features, such as the ability to find and eliminate duplicate photos. The unregistered shareware ($15) version is fully functional, but includes built-in delays and registration reminders in some operations. [Classic, OSX]

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