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KB: Creating encrypted disk images

02/01, 8:15pm

KB: Creating encrypted disk images

Apple outlines the procedure for creating encrypted disk images in an AppleCare Knowledge Base article. "Creating an encrypted disk image is very similar to creating an unencrypted image," explains the article. Apple cautions that by default, the password will be saved in your Keychain. You may elect not to save the password by deselecting the checkbox for "Remember password".

Apple pulls promo material featuring Shuttle

02/01, 8:10pm

Apple pulls promo material featuring Shuttle

Several MacNN readers note that shortly after the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia this morning, Apple pulled promotional images featuring the Shuttle. The imagery, which was used to promote Apple's new LCD displays, was replaced with pictures from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Service withheld to SDF Public Access System

02/01, 5:05pm

Service withheld to SDF Public Access System

SDF, the longest running public access UNIX system, had its network abrubtly terminated by NWLINK, its ISP, for being the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service attack. SDF was used by over 20,000 active Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix users for cheap and reliable POP3 email and webhosting services. SDF has been operational since 1987. Slashdot readers debate the precedent this may set of ISPs evicting users and customers who are the victims of internet attacks, not the perpetrators of them. Complaints can be filed with Washington State's Attorney General's office following the instructions available on SDF's homepage.

Dell partners with Sears to boost sales

02/01, 2:45pm

Dell partners with Sears to boost sales

Dell is enlisting Sears as the latest partner in its effort to wring more sales out of the consumer personal computer market. Dell is expanding its 2 1/2-year-old experiment with mall-based display areas and moving into individual stores. The company opened a demonstration area at a Sears store on Wednesday. It will open three more kiosk-like displays next month in the Florida cities of Orlando, Coral Gables and Aventura, Sears said. Apple Computer previously worked with Sears on a similar strategy, but the partnership eventually collapsed in March, 2001.

Apps: UI Browser, AysMon, Cacophony...

02/01, 1:30pm

Apps: UI Browser, AysMon, Cacophony...

    PreFab Software's UI Browser 1.0 is a utility to help scripters write user interface scripts using Apple's new "GUI Scripting" technology for AppleScript in MacOS X 10.2.3: "Using a familiar browser interface similar to the Finder's column view, UI Browser lets you navigate up, down, and sideways in the user interface tree of any and all Mac OS X applications that are accessible to GUI Scripting." The $40 utility is available through April 19th for $25. [400KB]
  • AysMon 2.1 is a no-cost utility for monitoring network related system resources such as open server ports, bandwidth, and disk utilization. Version 2.1 adds Printer sharing monitoring (IPP). [670KB]

  • iPhoto Mailer Patcher 2.0 add supports for Claris Emailer, Mailsmith, Outlook Express, PowerMail and QuickMail Pro to Apple's iPhoto (in addition to America Online, Eudora, Mail and Microsoft Entourage, support for which is included in iPhoto 2). [254KB]

  • MGU Software today released Watcher 1.0.3, a new version this free OS X tool for the automatic limitation of computer use time. Watcher "allows the owner of a computer to set up how long a given user can use the computer every day." This new version is Jaguar-only, fixes the OS 10.2.3-related bugs, and has a few new features. [801KB]

  • Cacophony 1.2.2 updates Richard Bannister's digital audio editor supporting over 20 file formats, fixing a bug related to GSM file conversion, offering configurable fade effects, and adding support for "Play Through" when recording. It is available in English and French. [1.0MB]

  • GyazMail 0.9.9 is an e-mail client for Mac OS X, offering support for multiple accounts, management of messages by one file per message (RFC 822 format), a single-window interface with 2 or 3 panes, message threading support, multi-function searches, message rules and filters, templates (for outgoing messages), message queueing, SSL and SMTP auth support, and other features. [1.2MB]

Free Piccolo drive with Encore/ST upgrade

02/01, 12:55pm

Free Piccolo drive with Encore/ST upgrade

Sonnet is offering a free 32MB Piccolo USB Flash Drive with every Encore/ST purchased between the dates of February 1 and March 31, 2003. Each customer that purchases an Encore/ST 800 MHz, 1GHz, or 1.2GHz upgrade in the U.S, Canada, Japan, or Europe, will be eligible to receive a free Sonnet Piccolo 32MB USB Flash Drive. (Online orders will receive the drive immediately without the need for a mail-in rebate.)


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