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Cacidi Systems unveils new InDesign plug-ins

01/19, 8:40pm

Cacidi Systems unveils new InDesign plug-ins

Cacidi Systems has debuted three new plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, which add to the software's functionality: Contact Sheet Pro 2.0 assures automatically the highest quality in contact sheets and image packages; Cropmarks 2.0 makes it possible to place bleed marks on InDesign documents; Q-to-InDesign Batch allows fully automatic conversion of existing QuarkXpress and Adobe PageMaker files into Adobe InDesign format. Pricing for the entire suite is $150; upgrade pricing from earlier versions of Cacidi Contactsheet, CD Coversheet, Picture Package, or Place & Print tool DKK is $70.

ClarisWorks history published by co-author

01/19, 7:40pm

ClarisWorks history published by co-author

Bob Hearn -- one of the original ClarisWorks developers -- has published a page that examines the history of ClarisWorks. The article concludes with speculation about the future of AppleWorks, and possible involvement of the original ClarisWorks team.

Apps: Fink, RealCADD, Loan Calc, Photologist

01/19, 2:40pm

Apps: Fink, RealCADD, Loan Calc, Photologist

    Fink 0.51 is the latest release of the open-source package management application for Darwin and Mac OS X: "Fink is an attempt to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. Packages are downloaded and built automatically and installed into a tree managed by dpkg." [12.5MB]
    Eric Pousse has updated his 2D CAD program. RealCADD 3.0 adds the ability to create your own tools, rotated text, direct drawing of parallel objects, better zoom tools, an "Open Recent" menu, DXF import improvements, and a reorganized color pallet. A demo of the $75 application is available online. [Classic, OSX]
    Maxprog's Loan Calc v1.5.2 updates the comapny's $13 loan calculator desgined to calculate loans and mortgages repayments. Loan Calc lets you select both period and interest compounding period and allows you to save all the repayment list to a text file or an Excel sheet. [Classic, OSX]
    Photologist 1.1.4 is a $20 shareware digital photo utility for Mac OS X that offers image management, manipulation, and presentation functions. Users can manage photo folders and create custom photo albums as well as show photos with slide shows, build web albums, and create custom print layouts or print layout templates. It has an update user's guide and other enhancements. [2.8MB]
    Northern Softworks's Lights Out 2.0 is a a $8 shareware Energy Saver utility for Mac OS X designed to give users more control over Apple's Energy Saver, offering a secondary idle timer to put your Mac to sleep, hot corners for mouse control, and scheduled shutdown functions after a specified idle time. [1.2MB]
    FlashMath 1.1 is a quiz program designed to improve student's math skills. It offers separate quizes for each student, report cards to track individual progress, password protection, and lesson-based customization. This update improves FlashMath's "report card" and also corrects a number of minor flaws and offers improved reliability and useability. The $15 shareware flash card program runs on Mac OS 8/9/X. [1.9MB]

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