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Epson drivers offer color correction

01/18, 11:50pm

Epson drivers offer color correction

Power Rip X v7.0 ($360) is a Mac OS X PostScript Level 3-compatible printer driver for Epson inkjet printers and iProof-X Direct Driver ($50) are non-PostScript Epson inkjet printer drivers. Both use the CUPS printing architecture and Mac OS X's printer sharing to support over 55 Epson color inkjet printers, offering automatic color profile selection at print time. iProof-X contains ICC color profiles for each paper type and resolution and also ships with custom PPD's for all the Epson Ink Jet printers supported. Demos of each are available online.

Apps: Acquisition, iStumbler, shadowClipboard

01/18, 9:20pm

Apps: Acquisition, iStumbler, shadowClipboard

    Neon Software's Bandwidth Hog Update for NetMinder Ethernet 5.0 ($800) contains an updated Packet Interference plugin, which automatically discovers network problems and security risks ((port scans, DoS attempts, duplicate IP addresses, and worms and viruses) and notifies users via email, pager or SNMP trap. This update analyzes network data to detect transfers of audio/video files to help administrators enforce bandwidth policies. [54KB]
    David Watanabe has updated his client for the gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing network. Acquisition 0.72, built using Cocoa for Mac OS X 10.2, features, among other things, pervasive contextual menu support, improved filtering, and a powerful new ability to tag search keywords (by prefixing) as necessary ('+') or unwanted ('-'). The shareware is $15. [1.4MB]
    iStumbler 0.6b is a utility for finding local wireless networks and services. It combines a compact Aqua UI with advanced wireless scanning and reporting. This release adds an info view for editing the latitude, longitude and info for each access-point as well as the ability to save and open log files. iStumbler is available under a BSD-style open-source license. [188KB]
    stupidFish has updated its Cocoa clipboard enhancer. shadowClipboard beta 2 brings an unlimited number of clipboards for Mac OS X. The new release features automatic hiding when in background, window resizability and alpha settings, an aqua-look option, automatic start, pasteboard-type filtering restrictions, cliboard storage slots for saving certain clipboards, and an advanced interface. [135KB]
    ThetaKent has released an updated MuseP3 0.3b, a frontend for the LAME MP3 encoder. It adds batch encoding, multiple selection/deletion, an option to encode using LAME's presets added, and other enhancements. The freeware requires Mac OS X 10.2. [472KB]

School Nights at Apple Store to begin in Feb

01/18, 2:50pm

School Nights at Apple Store to begin in Feb

Apple's new School Night at the Apple Store program is designed for K-12 schools to "celebrate achievement" for one night a local Apple Store. The special event nights, which will begin in February (Tuesday and Wednesdays), are designed to showcase work both students and teachers are creating using Apple technology. To help raise money, Apple will offer $50 off any Mac purchased as well as a $50 credit for the school to use against future product purchases and will also provide invitations, posters, and other materials to help market the event.

Tech: Apple marketshare, Microsoft DRM..

01/18, 2:25pm

Tech: Apple marketshare, Microsoft DRM..

Tech news: Microsoft's new digital rights software is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of CDs by creating special copy-controlled CDs with multiple layers of songs; A New York court has ruled that Network Associates may not require people who buy the software to get permission from the company before publishing reviews of its products and that the company could be penalized millions of dollars for violating consumers free speech, according to The New York Times; and HP regained its position as the world's largest PC maker in the fourth quarter, while the industry overall saw shipments increases by 4 percent in the quarter and No. 5 Apple saw its U.S. market share rise from 2.9 percent to 3 percent in the fourth quarter.

Apps: MacMP3Gain, Oki drivers, Xupport...

01/18, 2:20pm

Apps: MacMP3Gain, Oki drivers, Xupport...

    Bery Rinaldo's MacMP3Gain 1.0 is an AppleScript Studio application which adds a GUI to the command line version of mp3gain, a utility that performs some statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear and performs lossless volume normalization (i.e., adjust them so that they have the same volume) without re-encoding the file. It is free and runs on Mac OS X 10.2. [MacGUI, MacApp]
    Laurens van Klaveren writes: "After months of using my Oki 8im USB led-printer from Classic because the beta driver for Mac OS X proved itself to be totally unusable, I found an updated 1.0 driver today. dated 20/12/02, this new (non-beta) OKIPAGE 8im 1.0 driver works flawlessly with both my Power Mac G4 and PowerBook, running Mac OS X 10.2.3." An updated Classic version is also available: OKIPAGE 8im v2.1.1. [Classic, OSX]
    Xupport 1.2.3 provides a clean GUI to configure many Mac OS X "hidden" system options and includes several Unix command to optimize and secure your Mac and can also activate features that are disabled by default. Version 1.2.3 can now change the swap file location and corrects some keyboard shortcuts. A 20-run demo of the $20 utility is available. [693KB]
    The $30 shareware PopChar X 2.0.1 is a maintenance update to the Mac OS X sibling of PopChar Pro. It fixes a bug that could cause PopChar X to crash on some configurations. Version 2.0, released yesterday, features automatic font detection in some applications and new language localizations.


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