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News Archive for 03/01/12

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FireWire 800 Roundup

01/12, 6:20am

FireWire 800 Roundup

Our Macworld Expo coverage continues with a FireWire technology roundup. Other coverage includes:

Three Expo attendees survive SF accident

01/12, 1:55am

Three Expo attendees survive SF accident

A helicopter carrying tourists from last week's Macworld Expo crash landed Friday in the waters near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. According to the Coast Guard, all four people on board, including the three tourists, were rescued within half an hour.

Apps: Missing Sync, Moho, Update Fixer...

01/12, 12:05am

Apps: Missing Sync, Moho, Update Fixer...

    Jeff Gordon's AppleSpec is a FileMaker Pro database that contains up-to-date information on almost all Apple Products. It adds info on the new Aluminum PowerBook and other recent Apple products, such as the 20GB iPod (and Windows versions of all 3 sizes), 17" flat-panel iMac, and the Burton Amp. [9.1MB]
    Mark/Space's Missing Sync 3.04 adds HotSync support for the Sony CLIÉ NX series. The $30 (electronic version) application offers Mac OS X to Palm Desktop 4.0 HotSync support, support for mounting a Memory Stick as an external volume under Mac OS X, and integration of iPhoto and iTunes for Sony CLIÉ users. It runs on both Mac OS 9 (older version) and Mac OS X.
    HTML-Optimizer Pro 2.2 is a $20 shareware utility to check and optimize web pages for faster loading. Version 2.2 adds date/time sensitivity, a warning dialog for overwriting original data, and other enhancements. It runs on Mac OS X. [1.8MB]
    Matt Carrell's Update Fixer 1.1 fixes a common problem in Mac OS X where System Preference's Software Update fails to log installed updates: "This problem (as described recently by AppleCare Document #107136 ) is normally caused because something has goofed the log file folder permissions. Unfortunately, Disk Utility does not fix this--even though it has a repair permissions function!" [82KB]
    Moho 4.03 is a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application that proides a "complete set of tools you need to create an animated cartoon, from drawing and coloring to keyframe animation, multi-layer compositing and final rendering of QuickTime and AVI movie files. Moho can be used to create animation for video, film, or streaming over the web." The $100 application is available for Mac OS X.


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