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Windows beats Mac in digital file transfers

01/11, 11:30pm

Windows beats Mac in digital file transfers

Rob Galbraith has posted an article on digital file transfers, comparing an Alienware Laptop, a discontinued Dell Desktop and a MDD Dual 1.25GHz PowerMac in RAW photo and Photoshop batch processing. The article concludes that the Windows machines beat the Mac in virtually all of the benchmarks:

"The fastest dual processor Mac has been soundly thumped by one of the fastest single processor PCs. If this report had included a dual processor PC, the PC's margin of victory could have been even greater. Even the Dell, a modestly equipped desktop by current standards, matches or bests the dual 1.25GHz desktop Mac in numerous benchmarks. And the recently discontinued Powerbook G4/800 trails by a significant margin throughout. If the processing of RAW photos in particular is where your workflow hangs up, a Pentium 4-equipped single processor PC offers a compelling solution."

Iconfactory releases World of Aqua Vol 4

01/11, 11:30pm

Iconfactory releases World of Aqua Vol 4

The Iconfactory has released volume 4 of its World of Aqua series by resident artist David Brasgalla. This latest collection includes 17 all new icons for Mac OS X based on objects from the real world, pop culture and more. World of Aqua 4 is available for Mac OS X.

Stata 8 statistical package to ship for OS X

01/11, 11:25pm

Stata 8 statistical package to ship for OS X

Stata 8 is expected to ship for Mac OS X later this month. The general-purpose statistical package is designed for researchers of all disciplines, and features new publication-quality graphics, a new GUI, new data management functions such as ODBC support for full SQL selection, new statistics, new programming features (object-oriented programming, a programmable GUI, etc.), and significant performance improvements. The application will only be available for Mac OS X. Upgrade pricing starts at $500, while product pricing starts at $1,215 for single-user license.

Late last year, Stata also released a Mac OS X version of Stat/Transfer, a $250 application for transferring data among the different spreadsheet and statistical programs. It supports Microsoft Access, dBase, MS Excel, JMP, SPSS, SAS, Stata, Systat, ODBC-compliant sources and many other applications. A $100 discount is offered to education customers.

Apps: InterMapper, PowerMail, shadowClipboard

01/11, 7:10pm

Apps: InterMapper, PowerMail, shadowClipboard

    Dartware has posted a public beta-test release of InterMapper 4.0b4 for Macintosh (Classic and MacOS X). Many of the new features require the use of InterMapper Remote 4.04b4, which is also entering public beta test. Version 4.0 offers drill down maps, aggregate actions to configure multiple devices, remote configuration, a new Map Status probe for scalability, and enhanced monitoring of remote networks with security.
    PowerMail 4.1.1 brings improvements in importing of PowerMail 3 databases, scripting, compatibility with Mac OS 8.6, spell-checking and German language localization. The $50 email client runs on Mac OS 8/9/X and is available as a time-limited-demo. [4.7MB
    stupidFish programming has released shadowClipboard b1 for beta testing. shadowClipboard is a cocoa clipboard enhancer that remembers the last ten items copied to the clipboard. a simple interface lets you choose which item to paste into applications. It runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or later. [258KB]
    Desideratum has released Praeco 1.6, an update to its professional eBay auction tool for buyers and sellers. This version adds customizable export functionality, auction notes, increased password security, improved bid result reporting, and an updated database engine. [Classic, OSX]
    Nano Software has released Accounts 1.4, an update to the personal finance and small business accounting application that is available with both brushed metal and Aqua interfaces. The new version adds reconciliation, calendar date fields, a brushed metal appearance, performance improvements, initial localization for French and German languages and other new features. A demo of the $35 application for Mac OS X only is available. [1.4MB]
    mod_rendezvous v0.2 is an update to the Apache 1.3.x module which "causes all running Apache 1.3.x servers to register themselves on Rendezvous, and thus be visible in Apple's new Safari browser under the Rendezvous section of the bookmarks, and in any other application which browses for Rendezvous enabled web browsers." The source code is also available. [app, source]
    EZ shop ($150) enables Web site owners to implement an E-commerce infrastructure "in seconds." It has been updated to include Safari support. It is drag-and-drop-installable, and inlcudes features found in professional packages. "If you have a Web site you can convert to an ecom shop in minutes not hours with EZ shop." [updated link]


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