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Contour debuts SpaceShuttle A/V controller

12/23, 8:05pm

Contour debuts SpaceShuttle A/V controller

Contour A/V Solutions will demo its new SpaceShuttle A/V audio and video controller at MacWorld Expo SF. Modeled after the ShuttlePRO, the SpaceShuttle A/V brings professional multimedia control to users for $50. It is a five button, jog and shuttle controller. The SpaceShuttle A/V ships with pre-programmed settings for many leading audio, video and multimedia applications, while offering options to customize the standards settings, and create new settings for other applications. It is available immediately.

Apps: Turtledove, Freeway, Trailerpark, ...

12/23, 7:50pm

Apps: Turtledove, Freeway, Trailerpark, ...

    Turtledove Kingdom is an artistic image generation technology for Mac OS X that is distributed as a standalone image generator, or as a screensaver. The screensaver is $12 shareware and supports resolutions of 1600X1200; the image generator is available bundled with the screensaver for $25. [Download - 164 KB]
    Softpress has released Freeway 3.5.6, an update to its $230 Web design application that behaves like desktop publishing software suite. Details of the update are not available; the update is available in two versions, depending on which version is currently installed. Softpress also recently announced special holiday pricing, which offers Freeway for $170.
    Trailerpark QT for Macintosh is a QuickTime multimedia list player that allows easy access and organization of multiple video and other media files. It is available for both Mac OS Classic and OS X. As a demo, users have access to all the listplayer/inventory management features of Trailerpark QT; $13 registration removes the startup delay and allows larger-than 160x120 viewing. [Download - Classic, OS X]
    Nikon View 5.5 adds an improved thumbnail list, the ability to rename, move or copy files simultaneously, network volume support, Nikon Browser syncing, and more to the driver and management software for Nikon cameras. [Download - 22 MB]

Apple posts Win-to-Mac OS X Porting Guide

12/23, 6:45pm

Apple posts Win-to-Mac OS X Porting Guide

Apple has published the "Windows Win32 API-Mac OS X Porting Guide" to "help Windows developers porting their existing C or C++ Windows applications to Mac OS X. The guide introduces Windows programmers to the Mac OS X procedural APIs for key areas such as 2D/3D graphics, user interface, text handling, networking, and multiprocessing. It also directs readers to additional resources on the ADC website, in third-party books, and elsewhere."

Apps: DockFun, Black & Bleu, shadowGoogle, ..

12/23, 5:05pm

Apps: DockFun, Black & Bleu, shadowGoogle, ..

    DockFun! 3.6.5 gains an auto-update panel, the ability to always display the DockFun! window, and a refined registration system. The update also introduces a few minor "core improvements." DockFun! is an application that allows users to maintain and switch between multiple Mac OS X Docks. [Download - 2.1MB]
    Bleu Rose has released version 7.0 of its Black & Bleu ($75) Standard and Pro error code catalogs. This milestone release adds Mac OS X compatibility, 208 more error code definitions, 12 "long" OS X error codes, an Edit menu option for copying the error description, and a PostScript error Search filter. Black & Bleu provides a comprehensive collection of Mac OS error codes (over 7,300), and detailed explanations and suggestions for dealing with these errors. [Download - 2.4MB]
    shadowGoogle 2.1.1 is a maintenance update to stupidFish's integrated search utillity for Mac OS X. Version 2.1.1 adds the ability to redisplay a hidden search entry box when the Dock icon is clicked, updates the Dutch manual, and adds a Japanese localization. [Download - Standard, Light]
    InsulinDiaryX beta 2 adds a redesigned interface, a setup wizard, a calendar view, additional entry fields for daily blood pressure and weight tracking, an extra notes features, a to-do list, custom reports and various bug fixes to the Diabetes management aide from stupidFish Programming. InsulinDiaryX is still beta software, and the developer is actively seeking thoughts, comments, bug reports and feature requests. [Download - 84 KB]
    Dog Park Software has released MacLoggerDX 2.1, an updated version of its DX Internet radio station tuner for Mac OS 9/X. Version 2.1 adds Yaesu FT-817, -840, -890 and -900 drivers, addresses an import glitch under Mac OS 9, and adds an "Awards" Panel for DXCC and WAS per user request. [Download - 8.7 MB]

MOTU delays DP for OS X release

12/23, 4:30pm

MOTU delays DP for OS X release

MOTU announced today that it will debut a pre-release version of Digital Performer for Mac OS X at NAMM 2003 in Anaheim, CA, which takes place in January 2003, delaying the release of its ntegrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. "MOTU is working hard and in close collaboration with Apple to bring Digital Performer to Mac OS X in early 2003, not by the end of 2002 as previously announced. The company said that Digital Performer's MIDI engine will fully support Mac OS X's advanced MIDI services, collectively referred to as "CoreMIDI," including high-resolution MIDI time-stamping services and its MIDI device and patch list management features.

Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 for iMovie

12/23, 4:25pm

Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 for iMovie

Virtix has released Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 for iMovie. Virtix Zoom and Pan 2.0 is a unified product which is meant as an enhanced replacement for the separate Virtix Zoom 1.1 and Virtix Pan and Scan 1.0 products. It now uses the full resolution of high-quality still images for better image clarity (as well as works on moving video). It also features a custom GUI and llows you to specify an XY position, a magnification factor and an angle parameter at the beginning and end of the clip as well as supports transparency in imported images. Virtix Zoom and Pan also contains the bonus Spotlight and Witness Protection effects, which allow you to highlight or blur a circular area of an image. Upgrades are $15, while the full version is $35. It works with iMovie 2.01 on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.


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