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Updated benchmarks on Power Mac G4s

11/10, 4:10pm

Updated benchmarks on Power Mac G4s

Digital Video Editing has posted an article with updated benchmarks on the latest generation of Power Mac G4s: "if you compare the new mid-range G4 with the old mid-range G4, there's just no comparison at all. And the new high-end 1.25 GHz G4 simply blows away the old high-end 1 GHz G4. The new dual 867 MHz model--the entry-level G4--offered some impressive results as well." Benchmarks were completed using Adobe After Effects 5.5, Combustion 2, Final Cut Pro 3, Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, Cleaner 6 and Wildform Flix Pro 3.

Grand opening at Apple Store King of Prussia

11/10, 4:10pm

Grand opening at Apple Store King of Prussia

MacNN readers Peter Kohut and "Scott" have posted photos from the Apple Store King of Prussia grand opening yesterday. Apple has also changed the status of the opening of its Apple Store Bay Street (Emeryville, CA) to "coming soon," after initially indicating a November 16 opening date.

Apps: KoalaCalc, Time-X, ArcherPro...

11/10, 4:05pm

Apps: KoalaCalc, Time-X, ArcherPro...

    Macropod Software has released KoalaCalc 2.0, an update to its free multi-purpose scientific/conversion/statistical calculator for Max OS X. It adds voice recognition and speech support, an expression calculator, more conversions, and a redesigned interface. [1.2MB]
    Jan Kujawa has posted RPN Calculator 0.6, a "reverse-Polish-notation calculator for OS X, as a replacement for the built-in calculator, for people who like HP calculators. It's tiny, and it doesn't take up much screen space, as the HP 48 emulator does." [103KB]
    Time-X 2.0 is a $10 shareware digital clock for Mac OS X that supports fully customizable skins. It includes five functions: clock, date, chronograph, timer, and alarm. [1.5MB]
    Infinite Loop has released Stock Watcher 1.0, a $12 shareware application that tracks stocks as well as a personal portfolio: "It will automatically retrieve the latest quotes from the internet and display this information in a convenient format. It will also manage your portfolio of shares including calculation of gain or loss in your local currency." [296KB]
    Parker Software's ArcherPro 3.0 adds new functions to the $30 multimedia viewer that features sequenced image export, an integrated database for future growth, and a Destination Folders feature. [1.2MB]


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