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Perlidex 0.5: Perl development environment

06/22, 8:30pm

Perlidex 0.5: Perl development environment

Perlidex 0.5 is described as "a convenient development environment for Perl. Unlike using the Terminal for all Perl work, Perlidex puts common Perl tasks (like saving files as executables) just a menu command away." It offers the ability to create, save, debug, and execute Perl scripts, save Perl scripts as Terminal Command Files, and view Perl help topics.

Cacophony 1.1: sound editing tool for OS X

06/22, 8:25pm

Cacophony 1.1: sound editing tool for OS X

Cacophony 1.1, an update to the sound editor for OS X, adds the ability to choose which sound channels play from each speaker, adds arrow key navigation, support for 16 channels, and other enhancements.

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