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MacAmp Lite X 1.1: MP3 audio utility updated

06/08, 6:00pm

MacAmp Lite X 1.1: MP3 audio utility updated

Subband has released MacAmp Lite X 1.1, a free update to the $12 MP3 audio utility. It adds automagic CD loading, new analyzer plugins (VU meters, and Menu Bar meters), adjustable net and disk caches, AIFF copy functions, improved streaming, and unicode ID3 support. The $10 Plugins Power Pack also has been updated to include: an updated Broadcast plugin, a new Voiceover plugin for DJing an internet stream, and a new Monomizer plugin to downmix stereo signals to mono.

Picture Play creates photo compositions

06/08, 12:00pm

Picture Play creates photo compositions

Crescendo Software's Picture Play 1.6 combines digital photos, scanned images, or any other graphics to create photo compositions with editable text content, backgrounds, and other effects including translucency, transparency, rotation and more. The free upgrade to the $15 shareware has a new file format, transparency support for all colors, unlimited undo/redo, and other enhancements.

Cacophony 1.0: sound editor for OS X

06/08, 11:55am

Cacophony 1.0: sound editor for OS X

Cacophony 1.0 is a new sound editor built for OS X. It has read and write support for over twenty different file formats, as well as support for multi track editing and up to eight channels of audio.

Apple updates WebObjects 5.1.3

06/08, 11:50am

Apple updates WebObjects 5.1.3

Apple has posted WebOjects 5.1.3 for its Web application and development server. The update, available for both Developer and Deployment versions, provides updated versions of several WebObjects class and jar files: "Some WebObjects project types make copies of these files when the project is built. As a result, some projects may need to be rebuilt to take advantage of the issues addressed in the update." It also includes modified WebObjects client-side Java classes and jars. [Deployment, Developer]

Silverlining 6.4.5a drivers available

06/08, 11:45am

Silverlining 6.4.5a drivers available

La Cie has released Silverlining 6.4.5a drivers for its line of SCSI, USB, and FireWire drives.

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