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Type/Creator Database now has 42,000 entries

05/27, 2:35pm

Type/Creator Database now has 42,000 entries

Ilan Szekely has updated his Type/Creator Database to version 2002.5. "With 3,150 new codes the database now includes over 42,000 Type/Creator code pairs. Over 6,500 entries also have their PC extension codes - these are similar to the OS X new extensions." The shareware is priced at $20.

RealCADD 2.6.0: CAD software for the Mac

05/27, 2:30pm

RealCADD 2.6.0: CAD software for the Mac

RealCADD v2.60 is a 2D CAD piece of software for Mac OS 9/X that includes functions such as automatic attractions, quotations, verctorial textures, and multiple duplications. A demo is available; the full price is $75. [Classic, Carbon]

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