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WebLauncher 1.0 launches URLs from dock

03/16, 12:10pm

WebLauncher 1.0 launches URLs from dock

WebLauncher 1.0 is a $7 utility for opening/launching download URLs directly from the dock. It also offers support for launching URLs in IE 5.1 (with support for other browsers coming in future versions).

Readers: more retail Apple Stores coming

03/16, 12:00pm

Readers: more retail Apple Stores coming

MacNN readers continue to provide notes on upcoming openings of new retail Apple Stores, which have yet to be announced on Apple's Retail Website.

[Anonymous] "Another Apple Store will be opening up in late March/Early April in the Phoenix Arizona area. This store is located in the Biltmore Fashion Park, which is in the center of Phoenix's upper class retail district.

[Dave Sawyer] "Apple is also hiring for a second Apple Store in Denver (Colorado). The new store will be in the Cherry Creek Mall area, either the mall itself (most likely) or the nearby retail area - the job listings aren't specific. The Cherry Creek mall and associated retail area are the most "upscale" retail area in the Denver Metro area, with stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neimann Marcus, Bang and Olufsen, Bose, and other shops aimed at affluent consumers. The Cherry Creek Mall is also Denver's No. 1 tourist destination. All in all, a good location for Apple."

SketchUp 2.0: 3D design application

03/16, 11:55am

SketchUp 2.0: 3D design application

@Last Software announced it would deliver an OS X version of SketchUp 2.0 this summer. The application offers tools for creating, viewing, modifying, and communicating 3D ideas and can be used to develop design ideas from initial concepts all the way through detailing and documentation as well as generate dynamic 3D presentations. Version 2.0, now available for the PC, includes better integration, 2D Hidden-Line Vector output for input into 2D CAD or illustration software, new printing options, and new development tools, including interactive scale tools and linear and radial array functions.

Apple updates AirPort BaseStation firmware

03/16, 11:00am

Apple updates AirPort BaseStation firmware

Apple has released an AirPort Graphite Basestation 3.84 firmware update, which addresses a DHCP lease issue on graphite Airport base stations begin used on the Comcast and Rogers cable networks: "[it] resolves a problem that prevented the Airport from obtaining an IP address from DHCP servers on Comcast and Rogers cable networks after the @Home conversion. After personally installing the firmware update my Airport has been able to lease an IP address from the DHCP server on the Rogers network, before the update it would not work."


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