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Samsung posts new OS X driver

03/09, 4:20pm

Samsung posts new OS X driver

Samsung's new OS X Laser Printer Driver v0.3 allows you to print any document on Mac OS X, supporting a variety of models. One reader writes: "This driver is ready for prime time. All the options are there, and it's sooo much snappier. The 0.22 driver was not 100% reliable, and it was very slow. Upgrading to 0.30 was like night -- day. Barring any unforeseen bugs, this version is ready for an official release, whereas previous versions were not even close."

Apple posts NVIDIA Driver Update 1.0

03/09, 4:15pm

Apple posts NVIDIA Driver Update 1.0

Apple's NVIDIA Driver Update 1.0 improves the stability and compatibility of NVIDIA cards in the PowerMac G4 when used in combination with the Matrox RTMac Card, insuring better quality playback and filtering.

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