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CompUSA has limited stock of iMacs, iBooks

12/30, 3:45pm

CompUSA has limited stock of iMacs, iBooks

Several readers are reporting CompUSA advertisements with a $200 "price break" on the 550 Megahertz PowerBook G4 Titanium, and a note about iMac and iBooks that says "While supplies last. Limited to stock on hand." In addition, CompUSA employees have reported to MacNN that supply is running low on consumer Mac models, and a new shipment is not expected until the second week of January.

Pension funds pressure Apple to change

12/30, 2:50pm

Pension funds pressure Apple to change

Pension funds affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters union have filed 12 proposals calling on various companies, including Apple, to change their auditing techniques. The move comes in response to the company Enron's slide into bankruptcy, which cost investors billions of dollars.

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