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Motorola: Semiconductor group most affected

12/23, 12:30pm

Motorola: Semiconductor group most affected

NewsFactor profiles the state of Motorola, Apple's manufacturer of PowerPC processors which has announced plans to cut more than 9,400 jobs and close some facilities. Unfortunately, Motorola said its semiconductor products sector (which produces PowerPC chips) will be most affected by the layoffs, and shed about 4,000 employees.

Dialpad files for bankruptcy, reorganizes

12/23, 11:45am

Dialpad files for bankruptcy, reorganizes

Dialpad Communications, which recently released its Voice over IP telephony software for Mac OS X, announced that it has filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code over the weekend. The company's CEO said the move was necessary to continue service as well as reorganize, and says Dialpad received a commitment for $1.25 million in post-petition financing from Mr. Sang Su Oh, former CEO of Serome Technology, Inc.

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