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Jasmine 1.1.4 adds input capabilities

08/18, 4:00pm

Jasmine 1.1.4 adds input capabilities

Jasmine 1.1.4 is a multi-track audio editor/mixer. The new release adds the ability to record from any input supported by the Control Strip or Sound Control Panel. Also, Import Convert now has a level control allowing level adjustment of mp3's and other non-Jasmine file types.

Apple lowers TiBook pricing

08/18, 3:45pm

Apple lowers TiBook pricing

MacNN reader Brandon Kish notes that Apple has dramatically lowered educational pricing on its Titanitum PowerBook G4 systems, possibly foreshadowing an upgrade to the now aging model. The TiBook now lists for $2,067 for the "Fast" model (400 Mhz) and $2,819 for the "Faster" (500 Mhz) model.

OSOpinion discusses future of Be OS

08/18, 5:30am

OSOpinion discusses future of Be OS

An article discusses the possibility of future development for the Be OS, which was acquired as part of Be Inc's intellectual assets by Palm. "For continued development of BeIA software, Palm will either have to port the development platform to another platform ... or continue BeOS development, if only for the company's newly acquired Internet Appliance software."

MaverickTrader looks for Apple to open higher

08/18, 5:10am

MaverickTrader looks for Apple to open higher

MaverickTrader, an on-line investment analysis firm, says it is looking for shares of Apple Computer to resume higher next week. "Despite the bearishness so common on Wall Street these days, we are reminded that the idea of buying low and selling high still holds true today," said Don Harrold, President of MaverickTrader.


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