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News Archive for 01/08/04

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Review: OmniGraffle

08/04, 6:55pm

Review: OmniGraffle

We've published a review of OmniGraffle, the Cocoa-built diagramming, layout and planning application that takes full advantage of Mac OS X.

mPeople 1.1 gets updated interface

08/04, 5:45pm

mPeople 1.1 gets updated interface

mPeople 1.1 is a personal contact management tool that allows secured access and the ability to import from databases. The new version sports an updated interface, new contact information functions and several bug fixes. The Carbonized app is both OS 9 and OS X compatible.

Apple discontinuing KidSafe

08/04, 5:20pm

Apple discontinuing KidSafe

Apple is apparently discontinuing the KidSafe component of iTools. A message posted to the iTools Web site says "We regret that we are discontinuing the KidSafe service due to low customer usage. Please follow the instructions below to quickly and easily remove KidSafe from your computer system. It will only take a few minutes."

Cornerstone intros 17.4 inch LCD

08/04, 12:05pm

Cornerstone intros 17.4 inch LCD

Cornerstone Peripherals has announced immediate availability of its new fl200 17.4 inch LCD display, which sports a .27 mm pixel pitch, 5-year standard warranty, and two USB ports. The fl200 is priced at $859.

Apple ranked fourth in retail sales

08/04, 2:10am

Apple ranked fourth in retail sales

NPD Intelect reports that Apple was the number 4 retail computer maker in June, with 4.9 percent of sales for the month. The top seller was Hewlett Packard, with Compaq and Emachines rounding out the top three. The figures do not include direct sales, excluding manufacturers like Dell and Gateway.

Apple having trouble opening store in TN

08/04, 2:00am

Apple having trouble opening store in TN

MacNN reader Norm Phillips points us to an article at which states that Apple is having some trouble opening a retail store in Germantown, TN because the city does not allow illuminated signs displaying food (i.e. the Apple logo). "They were pretty far out (of compliance) and didn't have the authority to make changes," said Wade Morgan, Germantown chief planner.


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