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Douglas Adams, AppleMaster, dies at 49

05/13, 7:10pm

Douglas Adams, AppleMaster, dies at 49

Douglas Adams, AppleMaster and creator of the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and four sequels along with numerous other books, died Friday at the age of 49.

Snak 4.6.3: IRC client for Classic, OS X

05/13, 6:50pm

Snak 4.6.3: IRC client for Classic, OS X

Snak 4.6.3, a new version of the IRC client for Classic and Mac OS X, includes a fix for a crash if a DCC chat window was closed by the other end while Snak was in the background, corrects a problem with text formatting, and prevents windows from being opened outside the visible area. [1.1 MB -- Classic; 1.0 MB -- Carbon]

ExpireIt 1.0b1 helps fight spam

05/13, 6:45pm

ExpireIt 1.0b1 helps fight spam

ExpireIt 1.0b1 is the initial Mac public beta release of the Classic and Mac OS X application for creating randomly generated valid email addresses, which forward directly to your normal account, for controlling spam and other forms of unwanted email. Users can then choose to expire a random email address when parties begin sending unwanted mail. [442 KB -- Classic; 521 KB -- Carbon]

Convert 1.2.7: Conversion utility

05/13, 6:40pm

Convert 1.2.7: Conversion utility

Fifth Wave has released Convert 1.2.7, a new version of its $15 conversion utility for the Mac. Version 1.2.7 adds a number of improvements, including a Pressure unit, as well as numerous precision enhancements.

dincTYPE releases Hotrod font

05/13, 6:35pm

dincTYPE releases Hotrod font

dincTYPE, which is temporarily closed for its redesign, has released a new free font, "Hotrod", which will have a full character set and become a commercial font following the completion of the redesign.

Monica, Hefty FTP Carbonized

05/13, 6:30pm

Monica, Hefty FTP Carbonized

Black Diamond Software has released Carbonized versions of both Monica, its queue based file download utility, and Hefty FTP, its queue based FTP client. In addition, the company has released 13 free utility programs for Mac OS X.


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