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Web-optimized ten pixel font released

02/18, 7:00pm

Web-optimized ten pixel font released

Joe Gillespie, creator of the Mini 7 font, has released Tenacity, a highly legible ten-pixel font. Unlike Mini 7, which includes just capitals and numerous, Tenacity also includes lower case and accented letters. The font is available for $15.

PowerBook-equipped team crosses Antarctica

02/18, 6:55pm

PowerBook-equipped team crosses Antarctica

Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen, the world's first female explorers to cross Antarctica on skis, completed their journey on Friday. The pair documented the expedition using a PowerBook G3, which functioned without a hitch at minus 34 degrees Fahrenheit. (Apple recently ran a story on their arrival at the half-way point, which took place Jan. 16.)

Apple Europe Exec talks about past, outlook

02/18, 11:15am

Apple Europe Exec talks about past, outlook

In an interview discussing Apple's past performance and future outlook, Apple Europe executive Brendan O'Sullivan confirms that Apple will be introducing new products next week at Macworld Tokyo (hinting at a new iBook revision) and also notes that Apple has centralized more of its operations in Cork, Ireland: "We have recently transferred our European customer support services and finance functions to Cork and it has become a campus rather than just a manufacturing base."

MacSecSH 2.1a7: renamed SSH2 utility for Mac

02/18, 1:45am

MacSecSH 2.1a7: renamed SSH2 utility for Mac

Jean-Pierre Stierlin's freeware SSH2 client for the Mac, MacSeSH 2.1a7 (formerly MacSSH) now allows caching of passphrases for encrypted private keys, fixes scripting problems, and improves minimum required system checks. (The documentation notes that older 'MacSSH' preferences need to be renamed.)

Folio 1.0: new stock trading utility

02/18, 1:35am

Folio 1.0: new stock trading utility

Folio v1.0 is another advanced stock tracking software package and full featured portfolio manager offering unlimited stock tracking (data, multiple source headline news, last trade price) and an advanced 'virtual' portfolio which "lets you keep tabs on how your money is doing, giving you information on your gains and losses." It is $15 shareware, but will not be registerable until next week.

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