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2001 will continue to be rough on techs

12/30, 3:00pm

2001 will continue to be rough on techs

A CBS MarketWatch article takes a look at the tech industry's rough year in 2000, and makes forecasts about the future. Analysts anticipate PC growth to continue to slip next year, eventually falling off to seven percent unit growth (half of its current long-term growth rating) in 2003 with no profit growth. Analysts, however, expect PC companies will continue to grow as they adapt to the market's needs and embrace other technologies, such as handhelds, something that Apple has vehemently denied having any interest in pursuing.

Apple acknowledges faulty Cube power switches

12/30, 1:10pm

Apple acknowledges faulty Cube power switches

Apple Japan has acknowledged that faulty power switches in some Power Mac G4 Cubes can cause smoke and burning smells to be emitted from the unit. The tech info library article, which is in Japanese, reassures customers that there is no risk of personal harm from the problem.

CrushFTP 2.0b6 posted

12/30, 1:09pm

CrushFTP 2.0b6 posted

CrushFTP 2.0b6 adds various small fixes and improvements to the Java FTP server.

Morse code tutor application updated

12/30, 8:37am

Morse code tutor application updated

Black Cat Systems has posted Morse Mania 1.9.5, which adds several additional punctuation characters to the shareware morse code tutor application.

MacSSH 2.1a4 fixes a few bugs

12/30, 8:31am

MacSSH 2.1a4 fixes a few bugs

MacSSH 2.1a4, a modified version of the terminal utility BetterTelnet with SSH2 support, now adds CVS local port forwarding and fixes a few other bugs.

iCab 2.3 preview brings Prefetch feature

12/30, 8:30am

iCab 2.3 preview brings Prefetch feature

iCab pre2.3 is a new version of the popular alternative Web browser, bringing a new "Prefetch" feature that loads linked pages in the background when iCab is idle, better support for JavaScript and more JavaScript filters. The Mac OS X version is also "more stable under Mac OS X PB" and now works with Mac OS X. English, German, and Japanese versions are available online and expire in April 2001.


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