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Xicons update

12/02, 5:00pm

Xicons update has added a set of application icons for OS X entitled "Oddments" and a bug fix to Switcheroo!, a utility for customizing the Finder toolbar in Mac OS X.

BTO Radeon received

12/02, 3:45pm

BTO Radeon received

One MacNN reader reports success in obtaining a BTO Radeon card from Apple, which features an ADC connector, following eight weeks of waiting after complaining to Apple that the company doesn't offer the upgrade for users who purchased new Power Mac G4 systems before the Radeon became an option.


12/02, 3:40pm


Threads in our forums include: connecting an ADC display to an older Power Mac, a Pentium III vs. G4 performance comparison, difficulties with new DVD-ROM drives in Power Macs not reading CD-Rs, the best MP3 encoder, Newer's upgrades compared to Sonnet's, questions on purchasing a Power Mac now or waiting until Macworld, and the quintessential Macworld SF wish list.

Roxio assumes Adaptec titles

12/02, 3:35pm

Roxio assumes Adaptec titles

Adaptec has begun officially offering its CD-R solutions, Toast and Jam, through Roxio, a subsidiary, despite postponing Roxio's IPO.

3December kicks off tomorrow

12/02, 3:34pm

3December kicks off tomorrow

The 3December Competition, a competition geared towards 3D computer graphic artists, will take place tomorrow in 21 cities across the globe. The competition, organized by Alias|Wavefront, will allow creators to show off their works and win prizes. There will also be 2D and 3D painting competitions, with chances to win a number of high-end Wacom products. Full details, including cities where the event will be held, are available on the Web site.

SpeedDownload 1.0.2 posted

12/02, 3:31pm

SpeedDownload 1.0.2 posted

SpeedDownload 1.0.2 is a maintenance update to the software that allows users on broadband connections to overcome some transfer speed limitations on servers by using multiple ports.

NisusWriter 6.0.1 posted

12/02, 3:30pm

NisusWriter 6.0.1 posted

Nisus Writer 6.0.1 fixes several bugs with the $100 word processor. A 68K version is also now included with the software.

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