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Ben Mackin updates Liquid theme

04/29, 11:24pm

Ben Mackin updates Liquid theme

Ben Mackin has updated his Liquid theme for Mac OS 8 and later. The new version fixes several bugs and adds in support for the disabled window widgets. His theme creation tutorial has also been updated.

Adobe to introduce ActiveShare for the Mac

04/29, 11:20pm

Adobe to introduce ActiveShare for the Mac

Previously only available for Windows systems, Adobe next week is expected to officially introduce ActiveShare 1.0 for the Mac. The Java-based client, prematurely available on its ftp servers, allows users to edit, organize, and share photos over the Web. ( was launched in October of last year with Windows-client support and has since been enhanced with integrated online photo printing services, which is not yet available for the Mac.)

Apple Store features new deals

04/29, 11:18pm

Apple Store features new deals

The Apple Store's Special Deals area is offering a new Power Mac G4 450/128/20/Zip with a 17" Studio Display for $2848, which represents a savings of roughly $150 versus buying the two products separately from The Apple Store. Several retailers, however, are offering the 17" Studio Display on its own for $350, compared with The Apple Store's $500 price tag. The promotion runs from April 29 to July 1, or while supplies last.

  • Mail Monitor 1.0, which checks an unlimited number of POP3/IMAP mail accounts for newmail;
  • Drop Viewer 1.0, a drag 'n' drop viewing for MP3s, movies, large text files, GIFs, JPGs, PICTs, etc.;
  • Type Switcher Pro 1.0, which can change the types/creators of documents via an editable popup menu; and
  • Copy My IP 1.0 for copying your current IP to the clipboard

New TIL discusses IDE master/slave

04/29, 11:16pm

New TIL discusses IDE master/slave

An Apple TIL discusses master/slave IDE drive support in Power Mac G3/G4s. (Note that some later beige G3 models also support master/slave configurations, despite indications otherwise in the Apple TIL.)

Black Cat releases MultiMode 3.3.5

04/29, 10:50am

Black Cat releases MultiMode 3.3.5

Black Cat Systems has released MultiMode 3.3.5, a program for amateur radio operators and radio hobbyists that allows the transmission and reception of morse code, slow scan TV, and other modes. Version 3.3.5 adds the ability to transmit amateur radio packet transmissions.

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