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Hands On: Besiege (Cross-Platform)

03/04, 11:27am

Medieval-themed physics games has players building fantastic siege engines

Physics games are fun, and we'd be willing to be that most gamers are keen to agree. There's something almost addicting about games that employ smart physics engines, and fun rag-doll effects, that just seem to keep us coming back for more. Newcomer Besiege, by Spiderling Games, is a title that takes everything we love about the physics genre, drops it into a Medieval setting, and creates one of the most fun not-quite-sandbox games we've played with in a long time.

Sony shipping Project Morpheus virtual reality headset in early 2016

03/04, 11:25am

Latest PlayStation 4 VR headset prototype has bigger OLED screen

Sony is bringing its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset to consumers in the first half of 2016, the company has advised at the Game Developer Conference. Sony has also revealed a new prototype for the VR headset at the event, with the device exchanging the five-inch LCD panel used in the previous version for an OLED-based 1080p screen measuring 5.7 inches.

Nvidia introduces Shield home console, Grid cloud gaming subscriptions

03/04, 9:57am

Shield console capable of 4K video, in-home and Grid game streaming

Nvidia made two major announcements at the Game Developers Conference, relating to its gaming devices. A console version of the Nvidia Shieldhas been announced, providing similar streaming gameplay as the original handheld and the Shield Tablet, while the Grid cloud-based gaming service will be fully launched in the coming months, including a connection to the Steam online store and subscriptions.

Kazam unveils octa-core Tornado 552L with 5.2-inch 1080p display

03/04, 7:40am

LTE-equipped Tornado 552L smartphone measures 5.5mm thick

Kazam has unveiled yet another Android smartphone at Mobile World Congress, following the Tornado 455L and the pre-event launches. The Tornado 552L is one of the British manufacturer's higher-specification mobile devices, fitting a 1.7GHz octa-core MediaTek processor and a 5.2-inch 1080p AMOLED screen into a metal and glass casing that measures just 5.5mm thick.

Hands On: Star Drift (iOS)

03/04, 7:25am

Tap tap tap pew pew pew

Star Drift by Squarehead Studios is a side-scrolling spaceship shooter. The player taps the screen to maneuver up and down while picking up temporary buffs, blowing up baddies, and avoiding obstacles. The color choices and soundtrack evoke a late 80's aesthetic, with its bright glowing colors against a black background and cool synth riffs.

Briefly: Tinder adds paid option, Sonos Controller update

03/04, 6:23am

Tinder Plus dating app subscription adds rewind, location changing functions

Tinder has launched a paid subscription option for its localized dating app called Tinder Plus, adding two more features to the service as well as providing unlimited "likes." Passport allows paid users to select other locations to search for people in those areas, while Rewind allows for the correction of the last swipe action performed, potentially allowing for the user to reverse an accidental left swipe in the iOS and Android app. Recode notes that the cost of Tinder Plus varies with age, costing US users under the age of 30 $10 per month, while older users must pay $20, with a representative claiming that the service is appeasing the "budget constrained" younger user.

How 'appflows' reveal the true power of the iPad Air 2

03/04, 4:02am

iPad Air 2 and 'appflows' reveal the real power of Apple's post-PC paradigm

We recently had the opportunity to attend an Apple Australia "iPad Air 2 in Small Business" showcase. The session focused on several apps being used by small businesses on the iPad Air 2 to enable them to undertake tasks themselves, where they might otherwise outsource at considerable expense. It also looked at real-world case studies, where the same apps had been used to excellent effect. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the session was the way that Apple demonstrated how a series of different apps could be used together to powerful effect. As we discussed with Apple, what we were really exploring could best be called app workflows, or "appflows," if one is looking for a catch phrase.

Follow-ups: Apple working on A123 settlement; Apple Pay adds banks

03/04, 3:03am

Apple files notice with judge that it is in talks with battery tech company

After our recent story two weeks ago about litigation being brought against Apple for poaching battery engineers and scientists from A123 Systems (an automotive and vertical-market energy research firm), Apple has informed the judge in the case that it is seeking a settlement and is in talks with the company. Apple had recruited former A123 Chief Technical Office Mujeeb Ijaz, who then helped Apple poach several of his former colleagues from A123.

Strong security of Apple Pay exposes weakness in banking system

03/04, 1:28am

Institutions having to redouble efforts to guard against traditional fraud, identity theft

The security built into Apple Pay is so resistant to tampering, reports the UK newpaper The Guardian, that criminals are focusing more than ever on traditional bank weaknesses surrounding common fraud and identity theft techniques, exploiting the lax identity requirements some banks employ for users who are adding credit cards to Passbook, which stores the data so that Apple Pay can later utilize it. So far, the fraud has racked up millions of dollars from stolen credit cards added to Apple Pay.


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