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updated 11:46 am EST, Thu February 6, 2014 | Posted in Apps

Hazel 3.2.4 ($28) - Hazel monitors a designated set of folders and automatically organizes files according to user created rules. Version 3.2.4 fixes a crash that occurred when editing AppleScript export tokens. The update also makes finding the iPhoto library slightly more robust in cases where the library is not int he standard location. [Download - 8.4MB]

Voila 3.7 ($30) - Voila is a screen capture utility that includes more advanced options than offered by default in Mac OS X. With this utility users can designate the area they wish to capture using circular, polygon, or freehand tools. The v3.7 update now lets users record up to 60 frames-per-second, and offers improved tagging functionality per the new OS X Mavericks feature. Retina images can also now be scaled down while exporting by up to 2x. [Download - 27.7MB]

Evernote 5.5 (free) - Evernote is a documentation tool that allows users to create notes that contain both audio and text. Web and application content can also be clipped directly into Evernote, and all notes are automatically synced across all of a user's devices. In the latest release users can now search for items by using natural language. Currently only supported in English, the Descriptive Search can be used to search for notes by place, file contents, date tags, and more. [Download - 53.8MB]

Ember 1.4.1 ($50) - Ember is a digital scrapbooking app that can be used to store and organize websites, photos, apps, and many other things. Any content added to the app can be organized into collections, while tags can be used to further sort items. The v1.4.1 update introduces an Auto-Import feature that can be used to automatically add images to a library based on user-specified rules. Various reported issues have also been addressed with the update. [Download - 22.7MB]

Together 3.1.6 ($40) - Together is a tool for storing, previewing, editing and searching a variety of files. Most items can be dragged to Together's main window or Shelf for quick access. Version 3.1.6 fixes a crash that could occur when moving a viewed encrypted item to a folder. A hang that could occur when opening a note that will be automatically renamed the next time it is saved in a tab has also been resolved. [Download - 8.2MB]


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