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updated 10:04 am EST, Mon December 23, 2013 | Posted in Apps

Delicious Library 3.1.4 ($25) - Delicious Library is a cataloging tool that allows users to create a database of all their belongings. Items can be entered manually or via the built-in bar code scanner. A Mavericks-specific bug that caused source list items to become randomly indented, layered strangely, not clickable, and not deletable has been resolved with this update. In addition, a bug where items on shelves would no longer animate when resized or zoomed has also been fixed. [Download - 81.1MB]

Things 2.2.4 ($50) - Things is a task management tool that can help users organize all of the chores that they need to finish. The software also features several collaboration features that can be used to delegate tasks to different members of a team. The v2.2.5 release improves how database files are handled and backed up on OS X Mavericks. [Download - 17.9MB]

Flame Painter 2.5 ($60) - Flame Painter has been designed to help artists add various different light effects to images. Version 2.5 is now a full 64-bit application and features new Blur and Glow filters, as well as a new Basic Brush for simple strokes. Users can also now show, hide, and resize all of the tool panels, as well as swap Gradient colors with new keyboard shortcuts and zoom up to 800 percent. [Download - 14.2MB]

Camtasia 2.6.2 ($99) - Camtasia is a screen recording and production tool that allows users to record onscreen activity, Keynote slides, camera video and microphone or system audio. The v2.6.2 update fixes a number of bugs, including a crash that could occur when sharing to Camtasia Relay. A hang that occurred when the media path contained the characters 'cmrec' or 'trec' has also been fixed. [Download - 186MB]

FotoMagico 4.4.1 ($100) - FotoMagico is a tool for creating slideshows with personal photos and music in only a few mouse clicks. The software includes a variety of transitions, such as panning, zooming, and scaling. In v4.4.1 standalone players are no longer quarantined and reported as unusable by the Finder. Cutting slides with the ā€œCā€ key while scrubbing in the timeline is also now more reliable, and a problem where some settings in Custom Video export failed has been resolved. [Download - 108.6MB]


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