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updated 11:09 am EST, Thu December 5, 2013 | Posted in Apps

Evernote 5.4.4 (free) - Evernote is a documentation tool that allows users to create notes that contain both audio and text. Web and application content can also be clipped directly into Evernote, and all notes are automatically synced across all of a user's devices. A number of bugs have been fixed in this update, includes a problem where content would scroll when dragging the window. Problems with attaching documents under OS X 10.6 have also been resolved. [Download - 58.9MB]

NetNewsWire 4.0 ($10) - NetNewsWire is an RSS and Atom reader that features a three-paned interface with the ability to fetch and display news from thousands of different websites and weblogs. Version 4.0 introduces Quick Look support for article images and has separated out Hide Read Articles from Hide Read Sites, allowing users to toggle them individually via View menu or keyboard shortcuts. [Download - 15.6MB]

Permute 2.0.2 ($15) - Permute is a simple tool for converting video files to other formats. Presets are included for devices such as the Xbox, Apple TV and iPhone, and support is included for creating custom presets. Various bugs, most related to sound quality, have been addressed with this update. [Download - 10.9MB]

DeskConnect 1.1 (free) - DeskConnect can be used to push websites, documents, pictures, and more from a Mac computer to an iOS device with no need for a direct Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Version 1.1 has improved support for both OS X Mavericks and Snow Leopard, as well as added the ability to delete received items. Overall responsiveness and menu handling has also been improved and a problem with sending international phone numbers with country codes has been fixed. [Download - 4.4MB]

Camtasia 2.6.1 ($99) - Camtasia is a screen recording and production tool that allows users to record onscreen activity, Keynote slides, camera video and microphone or system audio. A bug that caused Fuse videos larger than 1GB to fail to transfer has been fixed in this release. An issue with special characters in file names has also been addressed, along with a bug where after dragging a freeze region effect on the timeline, multiple undo operations were required to undo the drag operation. [Download - 185.9MB]

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