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updated 03:56 pm EDT, Tue July 23, 2013 | Posted in Apps

Typinator 5.6 ($30) - Typinator can be used to automatically fill in repeating text and/or pictures. Users can set a list of commonly used words or images, and then define text fragments that trigger each item. The latest update now allows users to insert images into plain text expansions, and contains numerous behind the scenes improvements to enhance compatibility with third-party apps. [Download - 5MB]

Evernote 5.1.4 (free) - Evernote is a documentation tool that allows users to create notes that contain both audio and text. Web and application content can also be clipped directly into Evernote, and all notes are automatically synced across all of a user's devices. Version 5.2.1 allows users to read up on the latest news and updates from Evernote in a new Announcements section. Various bug fixes are also included. [Download - 40.9MB]

Together 3.0.6 ($40) - Together is a tool for storing, previewing, editing and searching a variety of files. Most items can be dragged to Together's main window or Shelf for quick access. In v 3.0.6 previews of small images will now load faster, and the "Font" and "Text" submenus have been restored to the Preview menu. Additionally, a problem where it was impossible to manually save edited items has been fixed. [Download - 8.1MB]

Posterino 2.6.4 ($30) - Posterino enables users to create everything from photo collages to frames to greeting cards. The software includes a variety of templates which can be filled automatically with random images, or with user imported content. Version 2.6.4 fixes a bug that could cause the software to crash when leaving the text editor popover of a text object with empty text. The built-in image browser has also been updated to improve performance and fix bugs. [Download - 25MB]

PreMinder 1.8.1 ($19) - PreMinder is a calendar program that lets users store styled text for reminders and events. It features highly customizable monthly, two monthly, weekly and yearly views, as well as support for syncing with iCal, iCloud, and Google Calendar. The latest release includes a number of various bug fixes and minor improvements. [Download - 6.4MB]

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