Coda, Fanurio, PDFpen

updated 12:43 pm EST, Tue November 6, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Coda 2.0.5 ($75) - Coda is a web development application that was designed to bring all the functions of web page creation into a single window. In v2.0.5 the Wrap Around setting is now remembered at all times, and saved cached files are no longer occasionally loaded in Preview. Unsaved changes are also now more reliably updated in the Live Preview. [Download - 48.7MB]

Fanurio 1.6 ($60) - Fanurio allows users to organize work, track time, and create invoices. Users can also choose to export data as a CSV file which can then be imported into other applications such as Excel and Numbers. Version 2.6 adds support for managing multiple timers, allowing users to quickly switch back and forth between different projects. A new Project field for item dialogs has also been added, along with a number of other improvements and bug fixes. [Download - 17.9MB]

PDFpen 5.9.1 ($60) - PDFPen provides users with tools for adding text, images, and signatures to PDF files. The software can also be used to replace original text with editable text blocks, as well as move, resize, and delete images. Overall memory usage has been reduced with this update, a new method for logging into Evernote has been adopted. A potential hang introduced by v5.9 has also been resolved. [Download - 49.1MB]

Miro 5.0.4 (free) - Miro allows users to subscribe to channels of Internet video and watch clips in succession. The software also lets users download videos from a number of sites for offline playback. Support for batch processing videos has been added with this update, as well as additional export options. The WebM output quality has also been improved with SD and HD options, and users also have more control for output size and aspect ratio. [Download - 48.9MB]

Arq 2.9.2 ($29) - Arq is a backup utility that will make incremental backups to an online storage account. The software keeps hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for everything older than a month. In the latest release, an "incomplete" backup version is shown in the main window during an initial backup, with status updates every 15 minutes or 1GB uploaded. Additionally, the software will no longer create backups if nothing has changed. [Download - 8.2MB]

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