Prizmo, Songbird, Dash

updated 02:50 pm EDT, Thu November 1, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Prizmo 2.0 ($50) - Prizmo is a Mac-based OCR utility that is capable of scanning data from images taken with a digital camera. The software can correct lens distortion and perspective, allowing users to capture information from most images. Version 2.0 is capable of handling multi-page documents and includes iCloud support for sharing documents across multiple Macs. Optical Character Recognition and Data Interpretation support has also been added. [Download - 32.5MB]

Songbird 2.1 (free) - Songbird is an open-source music library with customizable themes and integration with the 7digital Music Store. The v2.1 release includes a new option for pushing music to wireless devices. Support for storing device specific playlists is also included, along with support for video playback. [Download - 24.4MB]

Dash 1.7.2 (free) - Dash is a code snippet manager and Cocoa documentation browser that can help store commonly used coding. A bug that caused dash to constantly use a small percentage of the CPU while in the background has been resolved, along with an issue that caused Dash to fail to open the Preferences window. [Download - 5.5MB]

iTunification 1.6 (free) - iTunification is a small tool that allows track information for songs played in iTunes or Spotify to be shown in the Notification Center. Version 1.6 includes a new feature that shows song details in the status bar, as well as an option for keeping a history of notifications displayed in the Notification Center. In addition, a bug that prevented cover art from loading for some songs has been fixed. [Download - 4.1MB]

EarthDesk 6.1 ($25) - With EarthDesk users can replace their static desktop with an image of the Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination, as well as real-time global cloud coverage. In v6.1 city names can be shown in two different sizes on the map, or removed altogether. A number of entires in the city database have also been fixed. [Download - 32.4MB]

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