Little Snitch, Mellel, Airfoil

updated 01:50 pm EDT, Tue September 25, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Little Snitch 3.0 ($35) - Little Snitch is an internet traffic monitoring and management utility. The software informs a user when a program attempts to establish an outgoing internet connection and provides options for allowing or denying the connection. Version 3.0 includes an all new Network Monitor, as well as support for multiple profiles, a silent mode, an Retina optimized graphics. [Download - 9.9MB]

Mellel 3.0.2 ($39) - Mellel is a word processor that offers tools for writing and organizing long documents. The latest release fixes a problem that caused Mellel to freeze when entering the version browser, along with an issue that resulted in some characters being doubled in the final citation. Palettes are also now grouped in a single heap when presented on smaller screens. [Download - 34.9MB]

Airfoil 4.7.3 ($25) - Airfoil is a software utility that can send audio files to AirPort Express units and Apple TVs, as well as other Macs and PCs. In v4.7.3 Airfoil Speakers has full support for receiving audio and metadata from iOS 6. An Airfoil Video Player crash on OS X 10.8.2 has also been fixed, and the Instant On component has been updated. [Download - 9.1MB]

CaliBrate 1.8.3 ($8) - CaliBrate allows users to create and batch process iCal events. Other features include the ability to find and remove duplicates, to move or archive events to new calendars, to add or clear alarms, and more. A new feature that lets users set an absolute date within the "shift even in time" action. [Download - 0.77MB]

Snapheal 2.0 ($8) - Snapheal is an image enhancement utility that can perform numerous transformations. Tools are included for removing unwanted objects, fixing skin imperfection, removing watermarks, and more. A polygonal lasso eraser tool has been added with the latest release, while a new smart pixel identification algorithm is said to improve erasing speeds by up to three times. Support has also been added for Retina displays, Lightroom 4, iCloud and OS X Mountain Lion. [Download - 10.8MB]

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