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updated 01:10 pm EDT, Tue September 18, 2012 | Posted in Apps

KeyCu 6.3 ($28) - KeyCue helps users make use of keyboard shortcuts provided by various applications. After holding down the Command key for a set period of time KeyCue opens and displays a table of all currently available menu shortcuts. Version 6.3 is fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion and includes a number of bug fixes. In addition, the installer now uses an improved technique for finding the preferred destination location. [Download - 2.2MB]

Typinator 5.2 ($30) - Typinator can be used to automatically fill in repeating text and/or pictures. Users can set a list of commonly used words or images, and then define text fragments that trigger each item. The update is capable of importing Spell Catcher glossaries that been exported as XML files, and uses a new technique for passing context variables to AppleScripts in a Unicode format. Support has also been added for OS X Mountain Lion. [Download - 5.1MB]

Pixelmator 2.1.1 ($15) - Pixelmator is a layer-based image editing application for the Mac, featuring a number of tools for modifying digital images. The latest release improves overall stability and performance, as well as an updated Healing Tool. An issue that caused the application to become unresponsive in various circumstances has also been addressed, and the interface has been improved for Retina displays. [Download - 26.2MB]

Dropbox 1.5.31 (Beta) (free) - Dropbox is a desktop utility that creates a special Finder folder that automatically syncs with an online web storage account. This can be used to backup files to the cloud, or to quickly synchronize files between multiple computers. The update fixes several login issues, and includes performance enhancements and bug fixes for reindex. A number of typographical errors have also been resolved. [Download - 25.3MB]

PhoneView 2.8.4 ($30) - PhoneView allows users to export music, contacts, photos, voicemail, text and multimedia messages, and call log data to a Macintosh computer. Version 2.8.4 fixes an issue with viewing and arching messages after updating to iOS 6. A problem that caused the software to crash when loading data has also been patched, along with an issue that could cause archived messages to show up out of order. [Download - 4MB]


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