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updated 10:34 am EDT, Fri August 31, 2012 | Posted in Apps

Tictoc 2.1 ($5) - Tictoc is a task timer that sits in the menubar and records time spent on various tasks. The software also includes the ability to export all data into either an XML or CSV file. Version 2.1 includes a new preference for launching the app at login, as well as numerous Mountain Lion compatibility fixes. New back and forward keyboard shortcuts have also been added with the update. [Download - 1.3MB]

MailTags 3.1.3 ($30) - MailTags lets users add comments, due dates, projects, and priority to the messages stored in Apple Mail. The latest release improves performance when displaying tags below headers, and allows users to set colors on individual messages selected in the conversation view. A number of bugs have also been resolved with the update. [Download - 6.6MB]

Cobook 1.1 (free) - Cobook is an alternative address book for the Mac that can connect with social networks and automatically update contact cards. The update includes Retina-optimized graphics, full Google Contacts syncing, and the option to show local time for phone numbers and addresses. The search field is also now always present on the top of the window, and support has been added for name title and suffix fields. [Download - 2.6MB]

Focus 1.5.2 ($15) - Focus is a tool that allows users to choose a subject in an image and add lens blur to the background. The v1.5 update adds support for Mountain Lion and Retina displays, and is also now sandbox compliant. A number of filter optimizations are also included, along with overall stability improvements. [Download - 22.5MB]

CourseNotes 3.0 ($4) - CourseNotes is a note taking tool that offers support for syncing information between the desktop and iPad apps. Version 3.0 has improved support for VoiceOver accessibility, as well as added Retina-optimized graphics. A black highlighting issue has also been resolved, along with other minor bugs. [Download - 5MB]

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